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Brand: SIKA Model: 662704
Sikagard PoolCoat Water Base Paint for Swimming Tanks,White, Ral 9010 Pot 10lt - 30412'Protective paint on reinforced concrete on concrete surfaces,cement mortars and chlorinated rubber 'In swimming pools using a chlorine-based cleaning system'Great resistance against chalk-singing"Excellent..
225.20€ Ex Tax:181.61€
Brand: VIVECHROM Model: 80431
VIVECHROM - VivePool A+B / Epoxy Solvent Color 2 Components for Swimming Pools - 80431INGREDIENT A 3ltINGREDIENT B 0,75ltVIVEPOOL is a two-color epoxy solvent for swimming pools. It has excellent grip, elasticity, high sheen and hardness and has a high resistance to friction. Is especially resis..
65.91€ Ex Tax:53.15€
Brand: VITEX Model: 06695
VITEX-Pool Paint/Epoxy Pool color 3.5 L-06695SET 3, 5Lt: A component 2, 625Lt/b ingredient 875mlThe Pool Paint is a 2-component epoxy paint, specially designed for maximum resistance under water. Suitable for pools of cement and metal surfaces. It provides a glossy and elastic surface especially res..
60.10€ Ex Tax:48.47€
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