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Brand: VITEX Model: 03960
VITEX - Hardener / Ειδικός Σκληρυντής για Αλκυδικά Χρώματα 750ml - 03960Ειδικός σκληρυντής για προσθήκη σε αλκυδικά χρώματα. Αυξάνει την αντοχή, τη σκληρότητα και τη γυαλάδα του τελικού χρώματος. Μειώνει το χρόνο στεγνώματος.Ειδικός σκληρυντής χρωμάτων. Αντιδρά χημικά με ενεργές ομάδες ρητινών που π..
14.00€ Ex Tax:11.29€
Brand: NEW LINE Model: 90129
NEW LINE - PAINT REMOVER DIFFERENT-REMOVAL COLOR VERNICS 250ml - 90129Paint remover is a viscous product for the removal of alkylic and acrylic paints. It is applied very easily and removes the old color from wooden or metal furniture, railings, doors, windows, walls and more generally from any surf..
6.84€ Ex Tax:5.52€
Brand: VIVECHROM Model: 46072
VIVECHROM - Vivehard / Stiletto for Alkyd Colors and Vivechrom Vivechrom 375ml - 46072VIVEHARD is a hardener for alkyd colors for use by professionals. The addition of VIVEHARD to VIVEMETAL speeds up drying, develops a lot of high hardness dry film in a smaller time, enhances the strength of th..
9.35€ Ex Tax:7.54€
Brand: VIVECHROM Model: 94430
VIVECHROM - Pistol Solvent 750ml - 94430The PISTOL SOLVENT is colourless quick-dried solvent for dilution varnishes and substrates, which applied with a pistol. It is insoluble in the water and used for base varnishes organic solvent of Vivechrom. Improves the Clothesline.HEALTH, SAFETY AND EN..
3.25€ Ex Tax:2.62€
Brand: VIVECHROM Model: 16372
VIVECHROM - Solvent Brush 750ml - 16372THE PIN SOLVENT is a colourless solvent for the dilution of varnish paints, which applied with a brush or roll. It is insoluble in water and should be used for organic solvent base varnishes of Vivechrom. It is ideal for duca and ripolins and significantl..
2.95€ Ex Tax:2.38€
Brand: VITEX Model: 90805
VITEX - Epoxy Thinner / Epoxy Solvent 750ml - 90805The Epoxy Paint Threshing is a mixture of organic solvents, aromatic hydrocarbons, colorless, clear, insoluble in water, ideal for diluting epoxy paints and solvent substrates to be applied with a brush, roll or pistol. Ideal for Vitexs epoxy pool c..
5.40€ Ex Tax:4.36€
Brand: VITEX Model: 85201