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Brand: XIDEAS Model: AP-109
APOLLON - ΒΕΡΝΙΚΙ ΠΕΤΡΑΣ ΜΑΡΜΑΡΟΥ ΕΜΠΟΤΙΣΜΟΥ 5L - AP-109Transparent water-soluble impregnation varnish for stones and artificial building materials. Acrylic composition with extremely high resistance to weather conditions. Contains UV radiation protection filters, does not turn yellow and does not p..
36.00€ Ex Tax:29.03€
Brand: VIVECHROM Model: 88046
VIVECHROM - ViveStone / Transparent Glossy Acrylic Stone Varnish - 88046VIVESTONE is transparent glossy acrylic stone varnish and artificial building materials. Is suitable for protection and decoration walls, fireplaces, terraces, etc., which are made of natural building materials such as ston..
9.00€ Ex Tax:7.26€