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Inspiration and create: Give your home a distinctive style and upgrade Aesthetics, choosing a style of indoor or outdoor space From our online store. If you are in the mood to change a wall of Your living room or bedroom, if you want to give a sense of luxury In the fireplace, if you wish to illuminate a dark spot or renovate the Your store, using color schemes that emit tranquility and Positive life attitude, navigate to and select the product that meets Your needs and your personality. Whatever it is that You imagined, whatever change you dreamed, we give you the solution in From a wide variety of decorative colors that will satisfy every Your desire. Styles that give a sense of age and High retro-reflective styles that lend to the wall Metallic Glow, colors with impressive gold and silver effects, antibacterial Colors with iridescent effect, dyes that make surfaces smooth or Tracheies giving a sandy texture, dyes that give the sensation and texture Wood, metal, marble or cracked surface (Krakele). Indulge in Play the impressive reflections and let your emotions They express themselves with the color that suits them...

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Brand: POLYVINE Model: 508871
Pearl stand for elegant effect resembling mother of pearl POLYVINE Metallic Shimmer 500ml Polyvine's Metallic Shimmer contains iridescent pigments which, in combination with classic acrylic paints, create unique pearlescent metallic effects. By coloring Polyvine's Metallic Shimmer with an..
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Brand: TITAN Model: 807
Multipurpose water color, for painting, handicrafts, decoration of high coverage and easy to use Odorless, high resistance to weather, wear and washing For concrete, stone, clay, plaster, wood, cardboard, iron, canvas, polystyrene, etc. indoors and outdoors..