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Gas grills of various dimensions for the garden or balcony of your house! Grills of gas from the leading manufacturers in kind, in order to bake restful and fast company with your friends, without smoke or dirt created by the use of charcoal.
Brand: BORMANN Model: 037897
Bormann - Castemic Gas Grill with 4 Hobs and Side Eye BBQ4500 - 037897The LPG barbecue from Bormann has 4 hobs, with which you can have multiple temperature zones on the baking surface to bake different types of food at the same time (e.g. meat at high temperature and vegetables at low).The baking s..
392.00€ Ex Tax:316.13€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 037378
Bormann - Gas Grill made-up grill with 4 Hobs and Side Zenith Eye BBQ5500 - 037378Stainless steel LPG grillTotal power 13.7kW4 stainless steel LPG burners with a power of 4 x 2,8kW1 side gas hob with a capacity of 2,5kWStainless steel double-walled capCast iron grill (PxB): 60x36cmEmoye skeleton4 Wh..
598.00€ Ex Tax:482.26€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 037903
Bormann - Castemic Gas Grill with 7 Fireplaces BBQ4600 - 037903Cast iron gas grill 6+1 Estia 21,6kw Bormann BBQ4600Brand: BORMANN ELITE | SUPERB SERIESNumber of outbreaks: 6+1 hearthsBaking surface cm: 83x45Fireplace Power: 6 hearths (x 3,2 kW), +1 side hearth (2,4 kW), Total power 21,6 kWProduct di..
427.00€ Ex Tax:344.36€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 037910
Bormann - Cast iron gas grill with 6 Hobs and Side Eye Prime BBQ5200 - 037910Gas Grill Inox Castenia Grate 6+1 Fireplace 24,3kw Luxury Bormann BBQ5200Brand: BORMANN ELITE , PRIME SERIESNumber of outbreaks: 6+1Surface Baking cm: 97?45kWatt power: 24.3Fireplace Power: 6 fireplaces (6x 3,6 kW), + 1 sid..
640.00€ Ex Tax:516.13€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 015390
BORMANN - BBQ2000 Gas Grill with 2 Burners 3.6kW - 015390Total power 7.2kWSide shelvesMandene grill measuring 45x45cmCarriage wheelsINOX ThermometerAutomatic ignition switches..
169.00€ Ex Tax:136.29€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 033110
BORMANN - BBQ5030 Inox Gas Grill with Mademoisal Grill 3 Fireplaces - 033110BORMANN - BBQ5030 Inox Gas Grill with Mademoisal Grill 3 Fireplaces.Made-up grill with enamelled coating.Double-walled stainless steel cap.Double-wall stainless steel storage door.Stainless thermometer.Galvanized removable f..
298.00€ Ex Tax:240.32€