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Brand: XIDEAS Model: 5214002140090
Dominate Plus - Givesol Ant Gel Ready-to-use Bait in Gel Form for Ants 10gr - 000285Ready-to-use bait in gel form.Instantly appealingFemale ants consume it without the colonys guards noticing it and carry it into the nestThey feed the rest of the population with gel (through the feeding process) and..
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Brand: XIDEAS Model: 000149
Dominate Plus - Givesol Gel for Cockroaches 10gr - 000149The biocide is placed in gels indoors, homes & business premises by each private user with ease.Ideally in places with slits, cracks and hidden dark where the creeping insects pass, you throw drops of bait to create a line with its passage so ..
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Brand: XIDEAS Model: 000360
Dominate Plus - Tetrapiu MultiPurpose Spray 750ml - 00360Contact insecticide in the form of ready-to-use liquid.Guaranteed composition:Permethrin 0.15 % w/w, tetramethrin 0.06 % w/w, piperonyl butoxide 0.3 % w/w, adjuvants 99.46 % w/w.Ready-to-use insecticide spray to combat flies, mosquitoes includ..
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Brand: XIDEAS Model: 000326
Dominate Plus - Kapter Box Trap for Ants 2gr 2pcs - 000326Special trap for dealing with ants which contains a food-attracting substance in gel form.Ants perceive gel as food resulting in its ingestion and transfer to the nest where their universal treatment takes place...
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Brand: XIDEAS Model: 000357
MICROFLY 100ml INSECTICIDE - 000357Pyrethroid insecticide of contact and stomach, to combat mosquitoes such as the tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus), flies such as the domestic fly (Musca domestica),and other small dipteras such as phlebotomy, cockroaches such as Blatta orientalis, ants such as Lasi..
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Brand: NEW LINE Model: 450792
NEW LINE - Fly Trap Trap for Flies with Adhesive Surface 4PCS - 450792Trap for flies on a paper ribbon with a coating of glue. It retains its adhesive ability for a long time, without drying out and is not affected by moisture...
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