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Road traffic setting: Visit our online store and discover a wide variety of signage columns of different sizes and heights. Marking columns fixed metal, plastic and flexible marking columns so as not to cause damage and return to their original shape after vehicle hits, chain links and plastic parking prohibitive slares. Ideal for demarcation of dangerous spots, separating lanes, preventing illegal parking or construction sites. The marking columns are extremely untenable in the weather conditions and are available in bright colors so that they are visible from a long distance or low light conditions. Everything about the smooth regulation of road traffic you will find here!

Brand: DOORADO Model: PARK-DH-FP-1-45
Doorado - Marking Column made of Plastic in Orange Color with Height 45cm. - PARK-DH-FP-1-45The PARK-DH-FP-1-45 plastic column is suitable for demarcating roads, parking lots and civil engineering works. They are used to avoid parking mainly in tight corners through which buses or other large v..
14.42€ Ex Tax:11.63€
Brand: DOORADO Model: PARK-CH-2-25
The plastic chain is ideal for blocking access by cars or pedestrians to a private or public place. It is economical and can be applied to sidewalks, parking lots, gathering places. It is perfectly combined with the PARK-GC-1 plastic columns with a heavy rubber base, but also with the metal pavement..
35.44€ Ex Tax:28.58€
Brand: DOORADO Model: SIR-200
Doorado - Store dividers with strap - SIR-200The dividing colognes with strap are suitable for shops, banks, hotels museums, places of worship, etc.The dividing cologne with strap can be placed in all waiting or transit areas such as hotels, banks, restaurants, shop funds, museums, stadiums, compani..
42.80€ Ex Tax:34.52€