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Labelling cones at the best prices on the market! In our online store you will find a wide variety of road cones of different sizes, as well as a telescopic cone lamp for the risk warning. Useful for demarcating roads, highlighting dangerous signs and carrying out technical projects. Get them quickly and financially at the touch of a click!

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Brand: DOORADO Model: PARK-RTC-45
This telescopic cone is designed to be easily perceived from afar and to be easily transported since it occupies a very small volume when closed. At the top of it there is a reception for a warning light which flashes when it is in the open position. It is suitable for cars since it is foldable and ..
13.49€ Ex Tax:10.88€
DOORADO - PVC rubber 70cm tape - PARKDHTC70 DOORADO - PVC rubber 70cm tape - PARKDHTC70
Few pieces
DOORADO - PVC rubber 70cm tape - PARKDHTC70It returns to its original state even if it is run over by cars, trucks or general passing vehicles.It features a heavy rubber base and 2 high-discretion reflective strips for better visibility day and night from any angle.Weight: 3.4 kgColor: red (core) an..
26.45€ Ex Tax:21.33€
Brand: DOORADO Model: PARK-DH-TC-30
Cone 30cm elastic. It reverts to its original shape even if it is pressed. Base Dimensions 215 Χ215mm.  Weight 8 kg..
8.79€ Ex Tax:7.09€
Brand: DOORADO Model: PARK-DH-PE-7
PARK-DH-PE-7 plastic cone 50 cmMade of polyethylene plastic it has an inner ring with sand on the base it has reflective tape and a ring on top weight: 1, 5kg ..
7.44€ Ex Tax:6.00€
Brand: DOORADO Model: PARK-DH-PE-1
50 cm height plastic cone with heavy rubber base (2 kg)   ..
10.33€ Ex Tax:8.33€
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