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Wall and corner protection tires of different sizes for the protection of both passing vehicles and walls-colons in private garages and professional parking. Visible even in low light and easy to install, they are the ideal solution to avoid scratching and micro-blowing in cars, while at the same time effectively protecting the edges of colons and general building elements . Get them at the best prices on the market!

Brand: INOFIX Model: 4104-1
INOFIX - PARKING SIDE PROTECTION - 4104-1Protects the parking space and the car or garage walls from impact and scratches Ideal for protecting car doors from hitting nearby walls when they are opened Acrylic adhesive with high bonding strength 15mm thick polyethylene foam Applied on a clean ..
4.85€ Ex Tax:3.91€
Brand: INOFIX Model: 4105-1
INOFIX - PARKING PROTECTOR 2m - 4105-1Protects the car from bumps and scratches on walls Can be installed as a long protective strip or cut into pieces Acrylic adhesive with high bonding strength 5mm thick polyethylene foam Protector dimensions: 2000x195x5mm..
17.10€ Ex Tax:13.79€
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Brand: INOFIX Model: 4103-1
INOFIX - PARKING FRONTAL PROTECTION - 4103-1Protects the car from bumps and scratches in the parking space or garage Ideal for parking in tight spaces next to a wall without damaging the car Acrylic adhesive with high bonding strength and durability 40mm thick polyethylene foam Easy and quic..
10.90€ Ex Tax:8.79€
Brand: DOORADO Model: PARK-R-B-1
Skid-resistant carpet. Dimensions: 1000mm x 800mm x 50mm (16 kg) When placed in a vertical position they can effectively protect walls in parking from small collisions with carsThey are placed on steep ramps that usually exist in garage entrances and parking to increase traction and reduce noise.Su..
88.61€ Ex Tax:71.46€
Brand: DOORADO Model: PARK-WP-5
Special rubber with a microprismatic reflective surface that makes it visible even in low light conditions. With its use on the walls and pillars of parking, warehouses and garages, the damage to vehicles is limited by small blows in both cars and buildings. Dimensions 800x220x10mm (2 kg)   ..
15.92€ Ex Tax:12.84€
Brand: DOORADO Model: PARK-WP-4
To limit damage to vehicles from micro-shocks to warehouse and garage walls.Dimensions 1000mm x 160mm x 50mm (5 kg)   ..
29.07€ Ex Tax:23.44€
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