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Safe and comfortable parking: In our online store you will find stopper of wheels of different sizes for your private garage or for business car parks, such as shopping malls, supermarkets and department stores, where there is high vehicle traffic. The wheel stoppers are placed on the ground, separating the positions and maintaining the correct distances between parked cars, with the results of the parking being accurately carried out and minor damage avoided, both in vehicles and in the vehicles. walls or corners of parking lots. Get them fast and financial at the touch of a click.
Brand: DOORADO Model: PARK-PB-5
DOORADO-length reinforced wheel stopper 90cm-KDH-PB-1Made from durable elastic it has yellow reflective dimensions: 90cm (length) x 15cm (width) x 10cm (height) Weight: 8kg..
39.42€ Ex Tax:31.79€
Brand: DOORADO Model: PARK-PB-4
Reinforced single reflective wheel stop 55cm × 15cm × 10cm (5 kg)Professional parking can use wheel stops to significantly improve traffic speed as drivers will park faster and more securely.   ..
23.66€ Ex Tax:19.08€
Brand: DOORADO Model: PARK-DH-PB-2
Professional simple large wheel stop 1830mm x 150mm x 100mm (16 kg)   ..
76.37€ Ex Tax:61.59€
Brand: DOORADO Model: PARK-DH-225
Colored single household Wheel stop dimensions 600 x 120 x 100mm (5 kg)   ..
20.05€ Ex Tax:16.17€
PARK-DH-223 Simple single household wheel stop
Few pieces
Brand: DOORADO Model: PARK-DH-223
Simple single household wheel stop 500 x 160 x 100mm (5 kg)   ..
15.55€ Ex Tax:12.54€
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