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Enjoy the warmth of your fireplace Through a wide variety of products: fireplace tools, grills, baskets Wood, wooden wheels, covers Fireplace triple, quadruple, refractory, crystal, tool set The fireplace in a container or base, cremantalades and many Others can be found in our online store. Fireplace Accessories Allow The safe use of your fireplace and help you enjoy the warm Atmosphere offered by the fireplace. Make us "click" and warm up with the most Economic way.

Brand: ZOGOMETAL Model: 1230-K32
Zogometal - Black/Nickel Matt Jackpot Toolkit - 1230-K32Metal bucket of tools in a special design with a stable base and with all the necessary tools for your hearth. The bucket is round with openings over the entire surface. The tools have a nickel mat handle.The set includes: bucket, woo..
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Brand: NEW LINE Model: 90138
New Line - Act Plus Cleaner for Fireplace Chimney 200gr - 90138Cleaning powder to remove soot residues that accumulate in the walls of chimneys and wood burning ducts.The cleaning of chimneys and burrows leads to the proper burning of wood ensuring high thermal efficiency in the fireplace or the woo..
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Brand: ZOGOMETAL Model: 1235-Κ34
Set of hangers Zogometal K34-1235 Dimensions: Height 31.5cm, Base dimensions 16x16 cm, Height with tools 55cm Available in: Stainless Steel Matt..
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VIOLET - Atlanta Black Metal Fireplace - 510-97 VIOLET - Atlanta Black Metal Fireplace - 510-97
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Brand: VIOMETAL Model: 510-97
VIOLET - Atlanta Black Metal Fireplace - 510-97Unique and innovative design for the storage of firewood by Viometal, keep your fireplace tidy in a smart and practical way.Features:Width upper: 49cmHeight: 53cmWidth bottom: 38cm..
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