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Mortars to improve their characteristics. In our online store, you will find a variety of products in order to increase the adhesion, tightness and durability of mortars, preventing the shrinkage and creation of capillary cracks. Acrylic resin, anti-evaporator fresh concrete, plasticizer for the protection of plasters from weathering caused by moisture, fluiisers and Waterproofing of mass, necessary for difficult and with dense reinforcement concrete points. Increase the final strength of mortars by pressing a "click"
Brand: VIVECHROM Model: 87091
VIVECHROM - VIVELATEX / Mortar Enhancer - 87091VIVELATEX is an acrylic improver which significantly enhances the properties in cement mortars. Increases the adhesion to any form of substrate. Improves elasticity and tightness, preventing capillary cracks and concrete screeds and coatings. It ..
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New generation acrylic polymer emulsion, high condensation. Improver of cement mortar and lime mortars. Improves durability, traction, elasticity, tightness, abrasion resistance and workability of mortar. Reduces coagulation shrinkage. Prevents the weathering of plasters from moisture, snow and fros..
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