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Navigate to our online store and find all the necessary products for a successful concreting as well as additives for improvement of their characteristics in a fresh and hardened phase. Liquidators and superfluers to control the amount of water and the increased fluidity of the mixture, necessary for applications under high temperatures. Retarders and accelerators that prolong or accelerate the clotting time of the concrete, depending on the prevailing ambient conditions and concrete sealants to avoid capillary gaps in water-affected structures, such as Dams, tanks and canals. Consult our experienced staff, select the appropriate products for your constructions and increase durability and life span of any small or large infrastructure project.

Brand: SIKA Model: Plastiment -20 R
SIKA - Plastiment -20 R Sika® Plastiment-20® R is a liquid concrete retarder and water reducer/fluidizer.APPLICATIONSThe Sika® Plastiment-20® R is used:For concreting at high temperaturesFor transporting concrete over long distancesTo extend the working time of concreteIn ready-mixed concrete produc..
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SIKA - ViscoBond
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Brand: SIKA Model: ViscoBond
SIKA - ViscoBondSika ViscoBond® GR is a concentrated liquid admixture, designed for use as a adhesion enhancer in cementitious mortars in indoor or outdoor applications. It is also designed for use in mortar and concrete as a mass sealant, a fluidizer, while offering an increase in tensile and flexu..
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Brand: SIKA Model: SikaLatex Max
SIKA - SikaLatex Max CEMENT MORTAR IMPROVEMENTSikaLatex® Max is a new and improved composition of admixture multipurpose cement mortars, without APEO. It is a rich-textured, aqueous-based, milky liquid, which gives the produced mortar improved properties and mainly enhanced adhesion.APPLICATIONSSika..
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Brand: SIKA Model: SikaCem ExtraBond-100
Sika - SikaCem ExtraBond-100SikaCem® ExtraBond-100 is a concentrated, milky liquid, rich in texture, suitable for use in mixtures of repairing and waterproofing cement mortars, plasters or floor mortars.APPLICATIONSIt is used in concrete and mortar compositions for production:Adhesion amplifier mixt..
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Brand: SIKA Model: Antisol S
Sika - Antisol S Special water evaporation control liquid in concreteSika® Antisol® S is a ready-to-use liquid maturation aid that when applied to a freshly paved concrete surface by spraying, creates a protective film that reduces water evaporation. In this way, the protection of the concrete is en..
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