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Repair of damaged concrete in buildings and bridges, building aids, sealing cracks and fastlations. Whatever the work you want to perform, we give you the solution through a range of specialized products, suitable for a wide range of applications. Cement mortar, polyurethane or epoxy base for anchors of various elements, such as bolts, screws and threaded rods, welding of materials, adaptation of metal supports and restoration of supports and beams. Make us "click" and find solutions to any small or big repair requirement!

SIKA - Sikadur 42 SP SET
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Brand: SIKA Model: Sikadur 42 SP SET
SIKA - Sikadur 42 SP SETSikadur-42® SP is a 3-component epoxy material, of rapid maturation, of high mechanical strength, for cast applications. It is based on a combination of special epoxy resins without solvents and inerts of special granulometry, in order to give the material properties of high ..