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Navigate through our online store and discover the complete solutions we offer for the formation of abrasion resistant floors and the wear and tear of difficult working conditions. Parking spaces, storage, industrial facilities, areas with high hygiene requirements such as hospitals, showrooms and commercial shops, require surfaces not just high aesthetics but high strength, so that they can cope with chemical, thermal and mechanical stresses. Epoxy resins for floors with anti-skid properties, epoxy primer and moisture barrier for bonding wood floors, cementitious grout with antibacterial and water repellent properties, Low emission primers, cement base mortar for repairing concrete surfaces and many other specialized products with the possibility of color options to shape a floor that meets long-lasting Requirements of modern working conditions!

Brand: SIKA Model: SikaCeram EpoxyGrout 5Kgr
SIKA - SikaCeram EpoxyGrout 5KgrSikaCeram® EpoxyGrout is a 2-component epoxy grout, containing quartz aggregates and special admixtures, offering a smooth final surface and is offered in various shades. It is ideal for places that must remain completely clean.APPLICATIONSGrouting ceramic floors or s..
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Brand: SIKA Model: Sikafloor 400 N Elastic/Elastic +
SIKA - Sikafloor 400 N Elastic/Elastic +Sikafloor-400® N Elastic is a 1-component, high elasticity, solvent-resistant, UV-resistant, colored polyurethane coating that matures with atmospheric moisture.APPLICATIONSSikafloor-400® N Elastic is used:As a smooth or non-slip, UV-resistant, impermeable coa..
104.58€ Ex Tax:84.34€