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Upgrade the structural integrity of your constructions with Sika's structured reinforcement systems to restore their bearing capacity and increase their seismic resistance! Cementitious Mortar (SikaMonoTop) for repairing damaged concrete in infrastructure, textiles (SikaWrap) for post-seismic reinforcement and further resistance of the substructures, laminates (SikaCarboDur) to repair damage to structural members or Manufacturing defects, polyurethane foam (SikaBoom) for thermal insulation and thermofaçade systems, transparent Adhesive-sealant (Sikaflex) for internal or external welding applications for materials such as wood, glass, metal or concrete, Fiberglass Mesh (SikaWrap) and epoxy resin (Sikadur). Integrated systems of structured support from Sika: Choose the best company for the best result!

Durostick - Quartz Deco Epoxy Epoxy Binder Resin for Quartz Floors 2.5kgDurostick - Quartz Deco Epoxy Epoxy Binder Resin for Quartz Floors 2.5kgIt acts as an admixture binder with quartz aggregates QUARTZ DECO.After its hardening, it creates a compact mass with strong adhesion to stable substrates w..
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Brand: SIKA Model: 559190
SIKA - MonoTop 722 Mur E - 559190Sika MonoTop®-722 Mur is ready for use, single-component, fiber-coated cementitious mortar with pozzolanic admixtures, selected aggregates and special additives. When applied in combination with fiberglass mesh type SikaWrap®-350G Grid, more effective stabilization a..
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Brand: SIKA Model: 413941
SIKA - SikaWrap 930G 600mm - 413941SikaWrap®-930 G is a knitted fabric with single-directional glass fibers, designed for laying using the liquid method of application.APPLICATIONSReinforcement of reinforced concrete, masonry and wood structures to increase the flexural and shear bearing capacity. P..
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Brand: SIKA Model: 413956
SIKA - SikaWrap 600C 300mm - 413956SikaWrap®-600 C is a stapled single-steering carbon fabric, non-knitted, heavy,medium strength, designed for mounting using the liquid application method.APPLICATIONSStructural reinforcement of reinforced concrete structures, load-bearing masonry, masonry fillers a..
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Brand: SIKA Model: 456159
SIKA - CarboDur E 812 ROLE 100m - 456159The Sika® CarboDur plates® come from a special process of rolling carbon fibers (fiber-plated polymer system) and are designed for reinforcement of concrete, wood, metal, masonry and composite fiber-plated polymers.Sika® CarboDur plates® are pasted into the co..
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Brand: SIKA Model: 5712
SIKA - CarboDur S 512 ROLE 250m - 5712Sika CarboDur plates® are produced by the method of extruding carbon fibers in a polymeric matrix (IOP) and are part of the structural reinforcement system for interventions in concrete, wood, metal, masonry and composite filamented polymers. They are pasted on ..
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Brand: SIKA Model: 592039
Sika® Boom 521 Foam Fix 592039 (minimum quantity 12 pcs)The Sika Boom®-521 FoamFix is one component, highly limited bulking, fast curing polyurethane foam applied with pistol. It is particularly suitable for thermal insulation systems-Thermofacade.ApplicationsSika Boom®-521 FoamFix is particularly e..
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