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Upgrade the structural integrity of your constructions with Sika's structured reinforcement systems to restore their bearing capacity and increase their seismic resistance! Cementitious Mortar (SikaMonoTop) for repairing damaged concrete in infrastructure, textiles (SikaWrap) for post-seismic reinforcement and further resistance of the substructures, laminates (SikaCarboDur) to repair damage to structural members or Manufacturing defects, polyurethane foam (SikaBoom) for thermal insulation and thermofaçade systems, transparent Adhesive-sealant (Sikaflex) for internal or external welding applications for materials such as wood, glass, metal or concrete, Fiberglass Mesh (SikaWrap) and epoxy resin (Sikadur). Integrated systems of structured support from Sika: Choose the best company for the best result!