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Power your home with external thermal insulation products from our e-shop. in You will find water-soluble primers, cementitious mortar, acrylic primer, silicone plaster and Many other products from the top-of-the-kind promithotes such as Sika, Caparol, Vitextherm and Durostick.  Save money by reducing thermal protecting during the winter or summer season and protect your building from the weather, from the appearance of mildew, moisture and cracks. Why don't you forget that the application of a successful thermal insulation increases the objective value of your property and extends its operational life.

Brand: SIKA Model: 605806
Sika - ThermoCoat-100® Pro CEMENT MORTARS FOR EXTERNAL THERMAL INSULATION SYSTEMS WHITE 25Kg - 605806Sika ThermoCoat-100® Pro is ready for use, fiber-reinforced one-component cement-sand mortar, suitable for pasting thermal insulation boards and coating them with lattice boxing.Convenience when..
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