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Find quality and economical clothing solutions in your daily work, putting your personal safety at the top of your priorities! Our E-shop has a rich range of personal protection items, such as glasses, helmets, masks, gloves, clothing and work footwear. Jackets, waterproof vests, work overalls, heated cardigans, galoshes, shoes with anti-vibration properties and a plethora of options for employee equipment.  Safety in our working environment contributes not only to the improvement of our quality of life but also to the performance of our work.  
Climax - FILTER FOR MASK 755 & 756 P3 R - 755700
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Brand: CLIMAX Model: 755700
Climax - FILTER FOR MASK 755 & 756 P3 R - 755700Replacement protection filter for masks Climax 755/756.Degree of Protection:P3 for use in powder-sowing...
9.30€ Ex Tax:7.50€
CLIMAX MASK MONI 761 A1-B1-E1-K1 60761Κ
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Brand: CLIMAX Model: 60761K
DESCRIPTION: Double filter breathing protection mask of the company Climax. The main body of the mask consists of thermoplastic rubber. Reusable and interchangeable filters. Two side filters. Easy maintenance. The head and neck zone offers optimal adjustment and good stability. ..
25.20€ Ex Tax:20.32€
CLIMAX - MASKA DOUBLE 755 A1-B1-E1-K1 - 57D-60755K
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Brand: CLIMAX Model: 57D-60755K
CLIMAX - MASKA DOUBLE 755 A1-B1-E1-K1 - 57D-60755KHalf face mask made of soft thermoplastic rubber.Reusable and interchangeable filters.Two lateral filters that provide lower breathing resistance. Easy maintenance.Head and neck straps offer optimal adjustment and excellent stability.Compatible with ..
26.99€ Ex Tax:21.77€