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Cleanliness effortlessly! Do you want to remove mold and fungi from internal or external walls? Do you want to polish the stainless steel surfaces of the kitchen and lift or remove the residues and stains created when grouting surfaces with epoxy soles? Whatever the work you want to do, we give you immediate and effective solutions, with a range of household and professional cleaners. Removeable for salts and rust, remover for residues of adhesive tapes in bathrooms or wood, cleanser for natural stones and graffiti, marble parketin, obstructive liquid for cesspools and drains and cleaner for fireplaces and barbecues. Click us and clean quickly and efficiently. Because cleanliness doesn't want to be bothered, it takes a way!

DUROSTICK - BIO CLEAN AIR CONDITION / CLEANING LIGHT FOR CLIMATISTIC FRIENDS 5L - DURBIOCLEInnovative Air Condition filter and cell cleaning liquid. Cleans easily and quickly, while offering pleasant and cleanAtmosphere. Biodegradable, non-toxic, non-caustic, ammonia-free, phosphates and petroleum d..
26.00€ Ex Tax:20.97€
Brand: KARCHER Model: 6.296-054.0
KARCHER - FloorPro Cleaner CA 50 C eco!perform / GENERAL PATOMA CLEANING - 6.296-054.0FloorPro Cleaner CA 50 C: floor cleaner for manual andapplication of machine to all hard and flexible floors. Alsosuitable for glossy surfaces and furniture. With the EU's ecological environmentlabel certification...
19.80€ Ex Tax:15.97€
Brand: DUROSTICK Model: 139011
DUROSTICK - HAND CLEANING GEL 70% 1 LITRO - 139011Hand cleaner in gel form, with 70% isopropyl alcohol, enriched with glycerin, organic aloe, rosemary, thyme and lavender. With effective action in cleaning hands, without water and soap. How to use: Put a sufficient amount in your palm and spread we..
14.20€ Ex Tax:11.45€
Brand: NANOPHOS Model: DESK4
NANOPHOS - DESALIN 4KG Paint Cement Residue Cleaner - DESK4DeSalin K is a special cleaning liquid, which acts particularly quickly and efficiently.Features:It is ideal for the removal of grouting residues, after placement of ceramic tiles and for the removal of residues of concrete, cement, lime, gr..
24.50€ Ex Tax:19.76€
Brand: NEW LINE Model: 90155
NEW LINE - Stops Clothing Mild Obstructive & Cleaning Pipe Liquid Without Fumes - 90155Obstructive and cleaning liquid suitable for all types of drain pipes. It eliminates and relieves pipes from organic deposits, thus avoiding frequent pluging. Ideal for dining areas, kitchens that systematical..
6.00€ Ex Tax:4.84€
Brand: NEW LINE Model: 90097
NEW LINE - Magic Air Spray Biodegradable Air Condition Cleaner - 90097Cleaning liquid for filters and air conditioner elements.Removes air pollutants, smoke, dust and all kinds of accumulated dirt that has created deposits on the interior surfaces, resulting in stench and discomfort while the machin..
4.98€ Ex Tax:4.02€
Brand: NEW LINE Model: 90396
NEW LINE - K-16 PANISH LIGHT CLEANING PLACES AND ARMS - 90396Powerful cleaning liquid of ceramic tiles and joints. Removes and removes residues of fittings, cement, plasters and other building materials from ceramic surfaces.Suitable for cleaning other difficult organic and inorganic stains such as ..
3.85€ Ex Tax:3.10€
Brand: NEW LINE Model: 90003
NEW LINE - Cleaning liquid for glassy marbles & mosaics No 2002 1L - 90003Properties & ApplicationsPowerful acidic cleanser for GLASS marbles and mosaics with minimal rubbing, restoring it to its original appearance.Directly effective in very difficult long-term persistent stains and pigment..
5.00€ Ex Tax:4.03€
Brand: NEW LINE Model: 90261
NEW LINE - Marble Care Cleaning liquid for polished marbles, granites, mosaics, tiles 1L - 90261DescriptionNeutral floor cleaner, specially designed for cleaning high sheen floors, such as polished marbles, granites, ceramic tiles. You don't need a rinse. It leaves the surface completely clean of sp..
5.00€ Ex Tax:4.03€
Brand: NEW LINE Model: 90110
NEW LINE - K-40 Cleaning liquid for fireplaces, grills, barbecue 1L - 90110Very powerful, alkaline product for fireplaces or barbecue lined with fire bricks or mantemi. Suitable for grills, grills, ovens, grills and grills.Removes persistent stains and deposits from chimneys, charcoal, dried or burn..
7.01€ Ex Tax:5.65€
Brand: NEW LINE Model: 90099
NEW LINE - Alumin CLEANING LIGHT FOR ALUMINIUM 500ml - 90099Cleaning liquid for alumina.PROPERTY & APPLICATIONSEffective product for cleaning electrostatically treated aluminium paint such as windows, shutters, patio doors, etc. Removes stains from exhaust gases, water salts, various dried depos..
5.99€ Ex Tax:4.83€
Brand: NEW LINE Model: 90006
NEW LINE - RUST REMOVER / Metal Rust Remover 1lt - 90006Rust remover from metal surfaces.Cleans and prepares the rusty surface for protection and painting.RUST REMOVER can be used on surfaces such as metal doors, knobs, railings, car, ship, etc.It can remove dirt and oxidation that have formed from ..
4.85€ Ex Tax:3.91€
Brand: NEW LINE Model: 90083
NEW LINE - BLUE LINE 1LT Powerful general cleaning liquid - 90083Powerful general purpose liquid – polycleaner for hard oil stains and dirt. Ideal for all the difficult tasks of the home and the professional user. It is applied to all hard surfaces that are resistant to aqueous cleaners, such as wal..
3.25€ Ex Tax:2.62€
Brand: NEW LINE Model: 90069
NEW LINE - Bees Wax Self-glass metal parquetine wood flooring & parquet lasting 1L - 90069Self-glass water-soluble parquetine for wooden floors with special polymers that does not contain organic solvents and does not affect the natural hue of the wood. Suitable for periodic maintenance when dil..
7.50€ Ex Tax:6.05€
Brand: NEW LINE Model: 90115
NEW LINE - Ferol Obstructive Cesspool & Sink Cleaner 5L - 90115Ferol Plus is a solvent used to block, clean absorbent and septic cesspools.Its action is immediate and effective, dissolves accumulated and solidified fats. It reduces costly discharges as well as unpleasant odors, releasing solidif..
34.65€ Ex Tax:27.94€
Brand: NEW LINE Model: 90403
NEW LINE - Antifrost Liquid for Solar Heaters - 90403-36°C + 105°CAntifreeze & Antithermal Liquid for Solar Water Heaters& closed circuits with anti-corrosion andanti-rust agents.Concentrated closed-circuit antifreeze to protect against frost during the winter months and more efficient circu..
4.99€ Ex Tax:4.02€
Brand: NEW LINE Model: 90701
NEW LINE - FIREPLACE CLEANER CLEANING COVER 1KG - 90701Special cleaning product of the chimney of fireplaces. Cleaning the chimney during which the fireplace is lit will remove the powder (smoke) and any already flimsy residues that exist inside the chimney, which result in the accumulation of tar a..
9.65€ Ex Tax:7.78€
Brand: NEW LINE Model: 90008
NEW LINE - K-38 Powerful Cleaning Liquid for Natural Stones 1lt - 90008Powerful acidic cleaner that effectively removes building residues from the natural stones of KARISTOS – PELIOU – KARPATHOU.Used to clean and prepare the surface for waterproofing or paintingThoroughly cleans accumulated pollutan..
5.05€ Ex Tax:4.07€
Brand: NEW LINE Model: 90181