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Painting of exterior surfaces: In our online store each painting can be covered through a wide variety of colors of outdoor space in unique shades and quality of application. Upgrade your home with the right color option and protect it from temperature changes for a long time. Navigate to and choose colors Acrylic, sealants-tyres, silicon or certified whites according to your taste and the special atmospheric conditions prevailing in the place of your property.

Having secured collaborations with the top-of-the-kind suppliers such as Caparol, Vitex, Durostick, Dulux and Vivechrom, we provide you with high resistance to moisture, pollution and effectively prevent mold growth or Show cracks. Take advantage of our many years of experience in the field of colours and consult us in order to invest properly and mainly financially in the maintenance and renovation of your property while putting your personal touch!

Brand: VIVECHROM Model: 77561
VIVECHROM - VIVECRYL THERMOELASTIC ECO / Eco-friendly Thermal Protective Insulating Color - 77561VIVECRYL THERMOELASTIC is a leading quality acrylic, special thermal protection & insulating exterior wall paint. It has special raw materials with thermal insulation properties, contributing to ..
26.00€ Ex Tax:20.97€
Brand: VIVECHROM Model: 96611
VIVECHROM - VIVECRYL SILICONE ECO / Eco-Friendly Silicone Acrylic Color - 96611VIVECRYL SILICONE ECO is an acrylic color matte, based on silicone acrylic resins. It is ideal for areas with humidity and extreme weather conditions (mountain, sea), since it combines the waterproofing of the surfac..
26.19€ Ex Tax:21.12€
Brand: VIVECHROM Model: 88104
VIVECHROM - VIVECRYL ELASTIC ECO / Eco-Friendly Elastomeric Insulating & Wall Color - 88104VIVECRYL ELASTIC ECO is an eco-friendly elastomeric acrylic insulating & paint, for excellent waterproofing of the external walls by the Moisture. Perfectly covers capillaries and microcracks and e..
24.52€ Ex Tax:19.77€
Brand: VIVECHROM Model: 12440
VIVECHROM - VIVECRYL ECO / Eco-friendly 100% Acrylic Color - 12440VIVECRYL ECO is an eco-friendly acrylic color with exceptional strength in the adverse weather conditions and long duration Life. Applicable to any kind new or old surface such as plaster, concrete and wood. It is easily, has gre..
6.30€ Ex Tax:5.08€
Brand: VIVECHROM Model: 73116
VIVECHROM - FIT ACRYLIC / Acrylic Color General Purpose - 73116FIT ACRYLIC is a acrylic color of general for external surfaces made of plaster, concrete, bricks with good weather conditions and high alkalinity. It is an economic solution with signature, for surfaces that need frequent painting ..
11.50€ Ex Tax:9.27€
Brand: VIVECHROM Model: 79946
VIVECHROM - VIVE ACRYLIC / Acrylic Outdoor Color - 79946VIVE ACRYLIC is acrylic color of external suitable for dyeing new and old surfaces such as plaster, concrete, bricks and wood with very good weather conditions. Is the economic and reliable solution for professionals on surfaces that need ..
15.15€ Ex Tax:12.22€
Brand: VITEX Model: 52543
VITEX - Vito / Acrylic Solvent Cement - 52543Acrylic water cement for outdoor use. Due to the strengths it presents in the alkalis it is recommended for the painting and protection of each cement surface. Available in anthracite color 985..Acrylic water cement for outdoor use. Due to the strengths i..
4.10€ Ex Tax:3.31€
Brand: VITEX Model: 12451
VITEX - Vito Acrylic / Acrylic Outdoor Color - 12451Acrylic color outdoor, with high coverage and high performance. It works easily, stretches wonderfully giving smooth matte surface.Acrylic paint outdoor, based on copolymer acrylic resins. It has great coverage and high performance. It spreads very..
15.20€ Ex Tax:12.26€
CAPAROL - SYLITOL NQG / NANOTECHNOLOGY FINAL COLOR FOR INTERNAL AND EXOT. SPACE - SYLITOLNQGFinal color of the foundation, nanotechnology, appropriatefor indoor and external use.Performance: 6-8 m²/L..
86.18€ Ex Tax:69.50€
CAPAROL - AMPHICRYL / ACRYLIC FINAL COLOR EXOT. SPACE - AMPHICRYLHigh quality acrylic final color for external use. It has excellent whiteness and coverage, with high resistance to solar radiation and weatherconditions.  It is painted throughCaparol's ColorExpress coloring system.Performance: 10-11 ..
22.94€ Ex Tax:18.50€
CAPAROL - ACRYSIL / ACRYLIC SILICONE FINAL COLOR EXOT. SPACE - ACRYSILSilicone (Silicone Acrylic) high quality final color. It offers great water vapour permeability and waterproofing with a matte finish. Suitable for places with high humidity levels.Certified cold product.Performance: 9-10 m²/L..
23.44€ Ex Tax:18.90€
CAPAROL - AMPHIBOLIN E.L.F. / ACRYLIC COLOR OF NEW GENERATION WITH PHOTO-CATALYTIC EPC ACTION. AND EXOT. SPACE - AMPHIBOLINELFSpecial composition acrylic color of the new generation, with photocatalytic action,for indoor & external use.Suitable for areas with increased pollutants and for all sur..
43.40€ Ex Tax:35.00€
CAPAROL - AMPHISILAN NQG / HYBRID SILICONE FINAL COLOR WITH CONNECTIVE RESINS AND NANO-PARTICULATES - AMPHISILANNQGInnovative hybrid silicone finished colorof a quality bed withconnective resins and built-in dwarf particles.  Certified cold product.Performance: 10-11 m²/L..
43.65€ Ex Tax:35.20€
CAPAROL - PERMASILAN / SILICONE ELASTOMERACRYLIC FINAL COLOR - PERMASILANItmaintainsitselasticityby bridging microcracks of the surface while protecting againstthe pollutants of theatmosphere. Certified cold product.Performance: 12-14 m²/L..
34.72€ Ex Tax:28.00€
Brand: BEISSIER Model: 888813
BEISSIER - ISOLFIX - 888813The color of the water that covers stains permanently and forever. Internal & External Use.Preparation color (primer) but also finished finishing of wall and ceiling paint.Specially designed to isolate and cover stains of tobacco, nicotine, caps (from stove stove, pell..
10.48€ Ex Tax:8.45€
Brand: BRENNENSTUHL Model: 026884
BORMANN LED Flood Light Waterproof with Motion Detector 30W 2250Lumen BLF1700 - 026884..
12.00€ Ex Tax:9.68€
Very high intensity matt NANO – ACRYLIC innovative color for external surfaces of masonry, trihybrid nanotechnology (TRIBRID NANO TECHNOLOGY: Silica - Acrylic - Silicone). It offers top quality, brighter, more chromostable and cleaner facades, since it prevents, due to its properties, the subsite of..
6.80€ Ex Tax:5.48€
Brand: VITEX Model: 11705
VITEX-Acrylan Elastic/elastomeric waterproofing Paint-11705Elastomeric waterproofing paint of external vertical surfaces based on special 100% acrylic UV-internetworked resins. It is applied to new and old surfaces of plaster, concrete, bricks, etc. offers impeccable final surface, excellent resista..
23.31€ Ex Tax:18.80€