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Lenses for amateur, daily or professional use. In our online store you will find a wide variety of hand or head lenses for freedom of movement in the hands, rechargeable waterproof LED aluminum lenses, batteries, tripod lenses and headlights, for every small or large need! Whatever it is you want to do, from a simple walk in the countryside, to difficult repairs in dark places during plumbing or electrical work, we give you the solution! Ergonomic and reliable lenses with different lighting performances and functions and a wide range of designs and sizes. Click on us and "light up" your moments!

Brand: KRAUSMANN Model: LT40101
Krausmann - Lens Rechargeable Led 300lm - LT40101Brightness: 300LumensWaterproof: IPX4Lithium battery 18650: 3.7v / 1200mAhDirect charging: internalSize: 18.7×3.5×4.5mmRange: 200mLED type: T6Running time: 3-4hBody: aluminumWeight: 208gFunction: zoomFunctions: 100%, 50%, 25%, Flash, SOSCharging time:..
16.50€ Ex Tax:13.31€
Brand: KRAUSMANN Model: LT40140
Krausmann - Led 300lm Rechargeable Head Lens - LT40140Features:Brightness: 300LumensWaterproof IPX42X Lithium Batteries 18650, 3.7v / 1200mAhDirect charging internalSize: 12x9x11.5mmTilt adjustment: 90° verticallyRange: 200mType of LED T6Running time: 3-4hCharging time: 4-5hAluminum headWeight:150gr..
17.00€ Ex Tax:13.71€
Brand: NEBO Model: NE6706
Nebo - Led 40lm Bitbrite Battery Working Lens - NE6706Multipurpose Working Lens in very small power size 40 LumensIn its body it has 3 magnetic screwdrivers (Phillips, Flat & Torx), steel belt/pocket clip and strong magnetic baseNEBO BITBRITE is an innovative C•O•B working lens that delivers 40 ..
14.50€ Ex Tax:11.69€
Brand: NEBO Model: NE6665
Nebo - Working Lens Rechargeable Led 1000lm Tango - NE66653 Functions:Concentrated beam (250 lumens): 5 hours | 135 mWide working package C•O•B1. (750 lumens): 2 hours | 45 mTurbo (1000 lumens): 2 minutesContinuously adjustable light intensity (dimmer mode)Fully rechargeableBattery power for USB-pow..
43.65€ Ex Tax:35.20€
Brand: NEBO Model: NE6666
Nebo - Big Cryket Rotating Lens 300 lumens - NE66663 Functions:Concentrated beam (300 lumens): 5 hours / 140 m.Wide beam C•O•B1 (300 lumens): 5.5 hours / 20 m.Red lighting (30 lumens): 10 hours / 6 m.Continuously adjustable light intensity (dimmer mode)Made of aeronautical aluminum with hard anodiza..
39.95€ Ex Tax:32.22€
Brand: NEBO Model: NE6657
Nebo - Led 220lm Leo Battery Working Lens - NE6657Leo is the most practical rotating lens with a performance of up to 220 lumens. You can increase the beam intensity by using dimmer mode while the head rotates up to 180° to direct light wherever you need it. At the same time, its intelligent memory ..
17.40€ Ex Tax:14.03€
Brand: NEBO Model: NE6639
Nebo - Battery Lens 500lm Redline V - NE6639The V500LIGHT lens offers 500 brightly light lumens. He's waterproof and ready to cope with any weather condition.This lens contains 6x zoom,easy button pressing and 5 lighting functions (high. Medium, low, defense strobe and beacon).5 Lighting Functions:H..
39.95€ Ex Tax:32.22€
Brand: NEBO Model: IP6544
Nebo - Led Battery Lens 200lm iPROTEC Tactical Pro 200 Light - IP6544Two lighting modes (High / Low)Tactical ringWater resistant (IPX7)2 Years guarantee of Greek delegationFunctions:High: 200 lumens | 228 m beam distance | 9 hours autonomyLow: 100 lumens | 156 m beam distance | 18 hours autonomyFeat..
29.90€ Ex Tax:24.11€
Brand: NEBO Model: NE6539
Nebo - Led Battery Working Lens 120lm Larry Tilt - NE65392 lighting functions:Wide beam C•O•B (120 lumens):3 hours / 19 m.Concentrated beam (50 lumens):3.5 hours / 27 m.Waterproof (IPX4)Impact-resistantContinuously adjustable light intensity (dimmer mode)Covered with non-slip materialIt has a hook t..
17.91€ Ex Tax:14.44€
Brand: NEBO Model: NE6514
NEBO - ARC 250 LED Bicycle Lens 4 Functions - NE6514Bicycle Lens with 2 powerful independent light sourcesThe ARC250 Pro Bike Light features 2 independent control lighting sources, a 250 lumen lamp and a C-O-B 115 lumen lamp.The C-O-B lamp covers 250o using ARCUS LED technology, which allows the use..
44.90€ Ex Tax:36.21€
Brand: NEBO Model: NE6327
NEBO - Led Battery Lens 170lm Larry C Bulk - NE6327The Larry lens is brighter than ever! The new Larry C model is equipped with COB LED technology and produces 170 lumens of bright light. The rotating magnetic clip gives you easy hands-free lighting, since you can hang it on almost all surfaces! Mad..
11.20€ Ex Tax:9.03€
Brand: NEBO Model: NE6373
Nebo - Lil Larry 250LUMEN Rechargeable Work Lens - NE6373It has 3 Functions:High (250 lumens): 3 hours / 29 m.Low (95 lumens): 10 hours / 17 m.Red flash 10 hoursStrong magnetic baseMaximum Beam Power: 250 lumensMaximum Beam Distance: 29 mBattery: 3x AAA (included)Length: 151 mmWeight: 89 grMade of a..
14.95€ Ex Tax:12.06€
Brand: NEBO Model: NE6372
Nebo - Led Battery Lens 200lm Twyst Z - NE6372Twyst-z is equipped with the new C•O•B technology and is both a working lamp, a lantern and a flashlight! It also features adjustable 4x zoom and a strong magnetic base for comfortable handless lighting.2 Working Light Functions:High C•O•B1 (75 lumens): ..
52.50€ Ex Tax:42.34€
Brand: NEBO Model: NE6328
Nebo - Led Battery Lens 250 LUMEN Twyst - NE6328An LED lens that does it all... with a twist! This lens features a high-powered working light, lantern and flash, all in one! It features new revolutionary COB (Chip On Board) LED technology that allows light to form in full 3D patterns, giving optimal..
73.59€ Ex Tax:59.35€
Brand: NEBO Model: NE6294
Nebo - Led 770 LUMEN Seven-Z Battery Lens - NE6294LIGHT POWER / MULTIPLE OPERATION OPTIONSHigh-performance lens 770 Lumen LEDOption to use the lens with 3, 6 or 9 AA batteriesOdds depending on the number of batteries to be used for its operation:9 AA batteries: High performance – 770 Lumens, maximum..
78.90€ Ex Tax:63.63€
Brand: STANLEY Model: FMHT81509-0
STANLEY - Stanley LED head lens activated by motion sensor (200 lumens) - FMHT81509-0Light beam at a distance of 45-90 metersMotion sensor.Adjustable zone 2 settings: low (50 lumens) and high (200 lumens)Autonomy: 61/2 to 24 hours in low-power modeContains 3 AAA batteries..
29.40€ Ex Tax:23.71€
Brand: NEBO Model: NE6555
NEBO - POPY LANTERN 300LUMEN - NE6555His body is resistant to falls and blows.It changes easily from spot light lens to a 360 degree lantern by pulling only its top.The handle is designed to easily serve both lighting functions.Lighting functions:Lantern: High (300 lumens) 7.5 hours / 15 meters - Lo..
19.90€ Ex Tax:16.05€
Brand: NEBO Model: NE6737
NEBO - Big Larry Lens 2 With Magnetic Base 500 Lumens Black - NE6737FosBeam 200 lumens, 8 hours of operation, 75 meters beamC.O.B Working Light - 500 lumens, 2.5 hours of operation, 31 meters beamRed C.O.B Work Light - 40 lu