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Navigate through our online store and discover the complete solutions we offer for the formation of abrasion resistant floors and the wear and tear of difficult working conditions. Parking spaces, storage, industrial facilities, areas with high hygiene requirements such as hospitals, showrooms and commercial shops, require surfaces not just high aesthetics but high strength, so that they can cope with chemical, thermal and mechanical stresses. Epoxy resins for floors with anti-skid properties, epoxy primer and moisture barrier for bonding wood floors, cementitious grout with antibacterial and water repellent properties, Low emission primers, cement base mortar for repairing concrete surfaces and many other specialized products with the possibility of color options to shape a floor that meets long-lasting Requirements of modern working conditions!

Brand: SIKA Model: 427157
SIKA-SikaCeram CleanGrout Grout-427157The SikaCeram® CleanGrout is a cement-based grout for joints on floors and walls, of a width between 1-8 mm. The special additives contained in its composition impart antibacterial properties and resistance to mould growth while preserving the Its color stabilit..
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Brand: SIKA Model: 484591
Schonox-Durocoll-484591The Schönox® Durocoll is suitable for bonding:N Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) n PVC FLOOR coverings and CV n fabric covers lined by PVC Single or multi-layer needles N Needles N Schönox® TS In Suitable absorbent substrates in living and business areas (internal).Fea..
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Brand: SIKA Model: 433109
SIKA-SikaCeram EpoxyGrout-433109The SikaCeram® EpoxyGrout is a 2-component epoxy grout, which contains quartz aggregates and special admixture, offers a smooth final surface and is offered in various shades. It is ideal for spaces that must remain perfectly clean.ApplicationsGrouting ceramic or ston..
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Brand: SIKA Model: 496898
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Brand: SIKA Model: 548672
SIKA-Sikafloor 263 SL N-548672The Sikafloor®-263 SL N is a 2-component, color, epoxy resin which is used for the formation of floor-resistant, low maintenance requirements, without joints, with gloss or anti-slip finish if it takes place aggregates. The final thickness of the system varies between 1..
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Brand: SIKA Model: 175532
SIKA-Sikafloor 305 W-175532Sikafloor®-305 WThe Sikafloor®-305 W is a two-component, matte, color, water-base polyurethane sealing coating of very low emission VOC.ApplicationsMatte Color Sealing paint for Sika ComfortFloor Systems®, for smooth Polyurethane systems Sikafloor® and Epoxy Systems Sikafl..
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Brand: SIKA Model: 166300
SIKA-Sikafloor 330-166300The Sikafloor®-330 is a two component elastic self-leveling polyurethane resin, solvent-less, low-emission VOC.ApplicationsSmooth elastic layer for concrete surfaces for Sika®-ComfortFloor Systems®Especially suitable for hospitals, schools, shops, shopping malls, offices, mu..
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Brand: SIKA Model: 554985
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Brand: SIKA Model: 424419
SIKA-SikaBond 52 Parquet-424419Elastic Adhesive Wood Flooring SIKA SikaBond-52 Parquet without solventsLow viscosity, elastic adhesive wood flooring without solventsThe SikaBond®-54 Parquet is a single ingredient rapid maturation elastic adhesive,Solvent-less for full bonding of wooden floors.Applic..
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Brand: SIKA Model: 498995
SIKA-Sika Primer MB-498995The Sika® Primer MB is a 2-component epoxy primer and moisture barrier for bonding wooden floors with elastic Adhesives SikaBond® on difficult substrates.ApplicationsThe Sika® Primer MB is designed for use in conjunction with SikaBond wood flooring adhesives:For moisture co..
169.26€ Ex Tax:136.50€
Brand: SIKA Model: 50368
SIKA-SikaLayer 03 (Sika Acoubond System)-50368The Sika® AcouBond® System is made of SikaLayer®-03 (3 mm) and elastic, sound absorbing SikaBond Adhesive®-52 Parquet.ApplicationsThe Sika AcouBond system is used to weld solid wooden planks, processed three-layer floorings, as well as particle board (wi..
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Brand: SIKA Model: 583888
SIKA-SikaBond 151 Object-583888The SikaBond®-151 is a 1-component wood flooring adhesive suitable for all types of wood flooring and for most common types of substrates. It is easy to apply (spreads easily) while keeping the imprint of the toothed spatula firmly.ApplicationsFor full bonding of woode..
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Brand: SIKA Model: 496773
SIKA-Sikafloor 300 Level-496773Particularly low-emission, cement-based self-leveling mortar suitable for internal applications. The Sikafloor®-300 Level is a floor screed mortar for stress from medium loads, particularly low shrinkage, with a sleek final finish and good high properties.ApplicationsT..
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Brand: SIKA Model: 496772
SIKA-Sikafloor 200 Level-496772Particularly low emission, cement based self-leveling mortar suitable for internal and external applications.The Sikafloor®-200 Level is multipurpose, for strain from medium loads, particularly low shrinking and high thickness application, screed mortar.ApplicationsThe..
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Brand: SIKA Model: 496771
SIKA-Sikafloor 100 Level-496771Particularly low-emission, cement-based self-leveling mortar suitable for internal applications. The Sikafloor®-100 Level has good application properties and is intended for strain from medium loads.ApplicationsThe Sikafloor®-100 Level is suitable for filling, finishin..
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Brand: SIKA Model: 50330
SIKA-Sikafloor 400 N Elastic/Elastic +-50330The Sikafloor®-400 N Elastic is a 1-component, high-elasticity, solvent-resistant, ultraviolet-tolerant, colour-absorbing polyurethane coating that matures with atmospheric moisture.ApplicationsSikafloor®-400 N Elastic is used:As smooth or non-slip, resist..
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Brand: SIKA Model: 60396
SIKA-Sikafloor 410-60396The Sikafloor®-410 is one component, with solvent, elastic, UV resistant, matt dyeing polyurethane resin that matures with moisture.ApplicationsSealing Paint for Sikafloor®-400 N Elastic and Sikafloor®-400 N Elastic +For external applications onlyFEATURES/ADVANTAGESFinal seal..
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Brand: SIKA Model: 548673
SIKA-Sikafloor 264 N-548673The Sikafloor®-264 N is a 2-component, color, epoxy resin that forms a finished floor resistant to wear, without joints, with a smooth & glossy or anti-slip finish when it is pressed on the layer with inert varying granulometry. It is possible to set the final thickness be..
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Brand: SIKA Model: 561827
SIKA-Sikafloor 2540 W-561827The Sikafloor®-2540 W is a two component, water base, color dye, epoxy resin base approved by AgBB for flooring applications.ApplicationsColor epoxy paint for concrete, cement mortars, coatings and epoxy mortarsCan undergo normal to medium mechanical and chemical stresses..
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