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Brand: GARDENA Model: 08950-20
The ideal tool for planting or transplanting in planters and large pots.Its ergonomically shaped handle fits well in the hand and facilitates work, as it has an additional anti-slip stop.The Shovel has a working width of 8 cm.Made of high quality steel coated with duroplasty.Comfortable handling. Th..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 05305-20
GARDENA - Female Thread Contraction 1" In Male 3/4" - 05305-20For a change from a female thread of 33.3 mm (G 1) to a male thread of 26.5 mm (G 3/4)...
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 00990-20
GARDENA - SET BURCH OF WATER TRIPIS WITH SAPOUNAKIA STIC - 00990-20Contains Water Brush (code 988) and Soap Sticks (code 989)...
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 00805-20
GARDENA - Sprayer with Pump 1lt Comfort - 00805-20GARDENA 1 lt Comfort Pump Sprayer is the ideal multi-purpose sprayer for smaller areas in the home and garden and has a capacity of 1 litre. It is easy and comfortable to use: thanks to its ergonomic handle, the Comfort Pump Spray fits properly in th..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 08966-32
GARDENA - WORK WORKS - FULL SET - 08966-32Practical set with multifunctional container for all gardeners.The practical set is the perfect start in the world of GARDENA Hand Tools. It includes a multi-purpose container, which has a variety of uses, for example for watering or shoveling. The set also ..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 08960-20
GARDENA - Wide Comfort Hand Shovel - 08960-20For planting and transplantation.GARDENA's Wide Comfort Hand Shovel is the ideal tool for planting and transplanting. Its ergonomically shaped handle with soft plastics fits well in the hand and facilitates work, as it has an additional anti-slip stop. Th..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 03115-20
GARDENA - Combisystem Fruit Collector - 03115-20GARDENA's Combi Fruit Collector is best designed to collect fruit directly from the tree. Small teeth between plastic protrusions make it even easier to harvest small fruits. All fruits are collected in the durable bag, where you can easily see the con..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 03177-20
GARDENA - Combi Rake 30cm - 03177-20For raking, straightening and foaming the ground.GARDENA's Combisystem Rake is a practical multi-purpose garden tool and is ideal for raking, straightening and foaming the soil. The rake has a working width of 30 (with 12 teeth) and is suitable for all GARDENA com..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 03715-20
GARDENA - Aluminum Pole 150cm Combi - 03715-20With a total length of 150 cm, the pen is particularly light, but robust, because it is made of high quality aluminum.The handle fits correctly in the hand thanks to its plastic coating with notches.The fastening screw to secure the combisystem tool is a..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 03725-20
GARDENA - COMBI WOOD CONTARI 150 CM - 03725-20High quality wood for working with few vibrations.TECHNICAL FEATURES:Gardena's 150 cm ® FSC Wooden Pole allows for individual expansion for all combisystem tools.High quality durable flamingo wood from Europe absorbs vibration and is FSC certified.This m..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 08919-20
GARDENA - Combi Hand Chestnut - 08919-20Combi Hand Rake is the ideal tool for raking leaves, weeds and grass leaves into flower beds. The ergonomically shaped handle, with its built-in soft component, fits perfectly in the hand and forms an angle on the edge so that it does not slip. For comfortable..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 08915-20
GARDENA - Combi Hand Scaffolder 6.5cm - 08915-20For foaming, ventilating and removing weeds from the ground.TECHNICAL FEATURES:The Combi 6.5cm Hand Scaffolder is the ideal tool for foaming, ventilating and removing weeds from the ground.The ergonomically shaped handle, with its built-in soft compone..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 12301-20
GARDENA - Easycut Bordour Scissors 537 - 12301-20If you want to mow your shrub comfortably and with exceptional efficiency, EasyCut from GARDENA will over-cover you.The high quality of the leppo is confirmed with the guarantee of 25 years. You'll notice the quality as soon as you get your hands on i..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 12005-20
GARDENA - Telecut 520-670 B Long Telescopic Handles For Twigs up to 42mm (Bypass) - 12005-20Powerful cuttingHeight-adjustable handles make an excellent lever, allowing you to cut using less power. In addition you can reach higher branches with ease.Expensive and easy to use.Non-stick coating.Precisi..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 12004-20
GARDENA - Easycut 680 A Long Handle Cutter for Twigs up to 40mm (Ammonides) - 12004-20The powerful pruner for cutting hard and dry wood.Gardena EasyCut 680 A Long Handle Cutter for Twigs up to 40 mm is an ammonoid pruner for cutting hard and dry wood. Due to its small weight and the excellent action..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 08857-20
GARDENA - Twigs up to 22mm Gardena Classic (Bypass) S-M - 08857-20The Twigs For Twigs up to 22mm Classic (Bypass) S-M with upper blade with non-stick coating and lower stainless steel blade is for comfortable cutting of climbing plants and green branches. Ergonomic handles with 2 opening positions a..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 08855-20
GARDENA - CLASS FOR CLASS UP TO 18 MM CLASSIC S - 08855-20Lightweight and durable with reinforced handle.The Akmonoid Twig For Twigs up to 18mm Classic S with non-stick upper blade is ideal for small and medium sized dry branches. Ergonomic handles with additional soft elements on the upper handle p..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 08754-30
GARDENA - CLASS FOR CLASS UP TO 18 MM CLASSIC (BYPASS) - 08754-30Precision grinding - ergonomic handles.GARDENA Classic Pruners are the classics of their kind - with all the elements that characterize a good pruner. Their cutting is possible, while they are modern and ergonomic. They are ideal for c..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 08707-20
GARDENA - Hand Pruning City Gardening - 08707-20The GARDENA hand pruner is specially designed for use by "balcony gardeners" to cut flowers, herbs, thin branches and more.The blades are made of stainless steel.It has two adjustable holding positions to fit the corresponding cutting objects and one-h..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 00202-20
GARDENA - Gardena Plant Planting and Care Gloves - 00202-20For all the work in the garden.Gardena Practical Garden Gloves are suitable for any kind of gardening work. They protect hands during many garden tasks, e.g. garden care, such as planting or transplantation, raking, pruning and wiping. The s..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 01490-20
GARDENA - Electric Drapano Pump - 01490-20Transfer height m 30.0Supply liters/hour 2400l/hSuitable for flexible transport or drainage of smaller amounts of water.It's just assembled in the electric drill.The drive shaft applies to the clamp of any standard electric drill (P 8mm). With the Original G..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 09006-29
GARDENA - ECO SERIES 9300 DISTRACTION PERFORMANCE - 09006-29High performance unclean water pump for difficult runoff operations.Features:The ECO Series 9300 Drain Pump for GARDENA's Unclean Waters is a powerful pump for difficult and demanding tasks. A practical and robust electric pump ideal for dr..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 09005-29
GARDENA - Pump for Unclean Waters ECO SERIES 8800 - 09005-29Power: 250 WMaximum pumping capacity: 8800 l/hMaximum pressure: 0.4 barMaximum immersion depth: 6 mMaximum depression height: 4 mMaximum liquid temperature: 35 °CCable length: 10 mMaximum particle size: 25 mmPower cable type: H05 RNFElectri..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 09010-29
GARDENA - Surface Pump 3000/4 Eco Series - 09010-29Power: 600 WMaximum pumping capacity: 3000 l/hMaximum pressure: 3.5 barMax. automatic suction: 7 mMaximum depression height: 35 mCable length: 1.5 mPower cable type: H07 RNFElectrical protection category: IP X4Max. pumped water temperature: 35oCWeig..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 13001-20
GARDENA - Micro-Drip Watering Set - 13001-20Drop watering kit for pots and jars.GARDENA's Micro-Drip Watering Set is used to irrigate 7 pots and 3 planters on a balcony or courtyard and frees you from their care while saving water. The main unit with pressure reducer is connected to the faucet with ..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 13136-20
GARDENA - CITY GARDENING - 13136-20Mist injector for use with mist kitGARDENA City Gardening's City Gardening Becks produce a subtle mist of water that pleasantly cools the atmosphere. The set consists of 3 mist injectors for use with GARDENA's City Gardening Mist Set..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 13137-20
GARDENA - City Gardening Programming Set - 13137-20Automatic and flexible mist system for pleasant dew.The City Gardening Mist Set with GARDENA Developer helps you cool outdoors on hot summer days. The system has a cloud injector that is easily adapted to an umbrella, awning or pergola and connected..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 18315-20
GARDENA - Comford Multi-Application Water Pistol - 18315-20Convenient pistol for various watering and cleaning operations with five launch plans.GARDENA's Multi-Choice Comfort Water Pistol can perform all watering and cleaning tasks, offering the choice of five different types of launch: gentle spra..
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