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The wood It is a timeless choice in interior and exterior decorations Spaces as it gives a special character to any part of the be used. However, as natural material is particularly sensitive to weather Conditions, sunshine, humidity for this and its maintenance is necessary in order to maintain our wooden constructions in excellent Situation. If you want to freshen up your wooden garden furniture, renovate Parquet and laminate floors, paint fences, pergolas, panels, make Protect wooden surfaces on yachts, ships, Adiabrochopoiisete and Improve the structure of the wood, we give you the solution. In our online Shop you will find a wide variety of varnishes for each type of timber, Special wood impregnation oils, primers for exotic wood, teak oil, Wooden furniture cleaners for removing mold and fatty stains, insecticide and fungicide wood preservative for protection against insects (Saraki) and ecological varnishes, certified for use in children's furniture. Navigate to, Choose the product that suits your needs and give the wooden Your constructions a wonderful aesthetic result.

Brand: BONDEX Model: 24296
BONDEX - Preservative Wood Bamboo Care 2.5lt - 24296BONDEX Bamboo Care is the best care you can give to your bamboo wood. Fully transparent UV protection technology prevents graying even from the strongest sun, without any change in the natural color of the surface. Increases the water-repellent pro..
38.00€ Ex Tax:30.65€
LIBERON - LIQUID WAX POLISH BLACK BISON / Liquid Wax Ideal for Nourishing and Protecting All Types of Wood - LIQWAXPOLBBLiquid Wax Polish Black Bison is a liquid wax ideal for nourishing and protecting all types of wood. Made from a mixture of candles, including high quality carnauba wax, it provide..
13.33€ Ex Tax:10.75€
Brand: BONDEX Model: 54910
Bondex Teak Oil - Wood Soak Oil in Colorless and Teak Tint 500ml - 54910Coverage:Approx. 7-12 m2 per liter, depending on the substrate.Save:In hermetically sealed containers.Shelf life:At least five years in unopened containers.Available in teak or transparent color.Tip from Dyrup:You prefer good qu..
8.00€ Ex Tax:6.45€
Brand: BONDEX Model: 94635
Bondex Quick Drying Floor Varnish - Colorless Water Impregnation Varnish for Wooden Floors - 94635Colourless, water-soluble varnish for wooden floors and all wooden surfaces inside the house, where high resistance to friction and detergents is neededStaged:Older glazed surfaces need to be glazed. Th..
16.50€ Ex Tax:13.31€
Brand: GORI Model: 71147
Gori 44 Matt / Matt Solvent Wood Impregnation Varnish - 71147GORI 44 protects and decorates timber, both internally and externally. It penetrates deep into the wood. It is ideal as a substrate for finishing with satin impregnation.Special properties:Internal and external use.Matte finish.Microporous..
11.30€ Ex Tax:9.11€
Brand: GORI Model: 71552
Gori 90 Sun Protection / Transparent Glossy Solvent Soaking Varnish for Long Lasting Wood Protection - 71552GORI 90 Sun Protection is a clear protection of long-lasting wood based solvents for external use. The product is resistant to weather and water and contains UV-blocker for maximum protection ..
14.90€ Ex Tax:12.02€