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Small But miraculously! Multi-tools make our everyday life easy and become, because of their small size, companions in various our activities. In our online store you will find a wide variety of tools from the most reliable companies of its kind, such as Victorinox, Leatherman and Stanley. Knife, folding knife, German keys, wire cutter, screwdriver, pliers, bottle opener, scissors, pliers, glass crushers and more concentrated in a functional multi-tool. Because ultimately in our lives it's the simple things they do. The difference!

Brand: TRUE UTILITY Model: TU919
True Utility - Buttonlite 4 OPERATION TSEPS - TU919This fully rechargeable, extremely powerful mini work lamp, can be attached to your bag, shirt, pants or keychain. It provides lens features such as high power, low power, red light and red hazard warning, so you have the lighting power in your hand..
16.95€ Ex Tax:13.67€
Brand: TRUE UTILITY Model: TU580
True Utility - Bare Pocket Knife - TU580Closed size: L55 mm x W11 mm, Open size: L104 mm x W11 mmmaterial : black titanium coated blade , 420 high quality stainless steel frameFeatures : knife - blade safely and when the knife is not being used , just pull the quick pin release to release the knife ..
11.95€ Ex Tax:9.64€
Brand: TRUE UTILITY Model: TU573
True Utility - Smartknife Knife Multi-Tool 6 Functions - TU573It is a pocketknife made of stainless steel and a cover made of pop-up aluminum. Extremely easy to use as it opens with one hand, has customization clips and is small in size.It comes with an airtight and waterproof water-throwing case th..
18.95€ Ex Tax:15.28€
Brand: TRUE UTILITY Model: TU262
True Utility - FireStash MINI BRELOCK - TU262It comes with an airtight and splashproof case, which can also serve as a safe carry case for items such as our mobile phone.This incredibly small waterproof container contains a fully functional petrol lighter.Apply it to your keychain to use wherever yo..
10.95€ Ex Tax:8.83€
Brand: TRUE UTILITY Model: TU211
True Utility - Led Battery Breloc Lens - TU211Very small brelock lens with white light and red laserLaserLite is a small and powerful laser lens that can be customized for any occasion where you need it. The white light it emits is capable of illuminating any space that will be used or even in readi..
9.94€ Ex Tax:8.02€
Brand: TRUE UTILITY Model: TU204
True Utility - Scarab Multitool 6 Functions - TU204True Utility's Scarab isa modernmulti-tool with the design of an ancient multi-tool. It has a curved wrap that on its face resembles a beetle, comfortable and compact grip and has a full range of tools as well as a detachable chain for hanging o..
12.95€ Ex Tax:10.44€
Brand: TRUE UTILITY Model: TU195K
True Utility - Minimulti Multi-Tool 8 Functions - TU195KThe MiniMulti multi-tool is complete with essentials.Small compact high quality stainless steel design, with comfortable ergonomic handle. He's got a lot of tools hidden,pliers with cable cutter,bottle opener,Limalarge and medium screwdrivers w..
16.95€ Ex Tax:13.67€
Brand: TRUE UTILITY Model: TU180K
True Utility - Seven Multi-Tool 7 Functions - TU180KA high quality ultra-compact and small multi-toolWith seven basic functions, including a truly decent sized and easily accessible knife. With pliers, plus a Phillips screwdriver, wire cutter, bottle opener and built-in quick-release carabiner for e..
15.95€ Ex Tax:12.86€
Brand: TRUE UTILITY Model: TU900
True Utility - Connect Mikey Breloc - TU900This stylish key case not only fits 2 to 4 keys, but features six basic tools in a compact, innovative design that weighs only 52g!MiKey is basically a case for your keys with an additional six basic tools. Organize your keys and stop looking for them in yo..
20.96€ Ex Tax:16.90€
Brand: TRUE UTILITY Model: TU901
True Utility - Connect Keybiner Key Key Ring - TU901Keyshackle is a leather key case to arrange and organize your keys.It features a carabiner clip safely. Organize your keys safely and in style with this stylish key case with a secure link, made of genuine leather and fits 1 to 4 keys. The addition..
16.75€ Ex Tax:13.51€
Brand: TRUE UTILITY Model: TU903
True Utility - Connect Locklip Breloc - TU903Connect this small but powerful lock clip directly to your keys or connect to almost anything else.This locking clip is made of aluminum-type aircraft which results in an extremely low weight of just 7.0 grams but has incredible breaking up to 70kg!This c..
7.30€ Ex Tax:5.89€
Brand: TRUE UTILITY Model: TU 906
TRUE UTILITY - CONNECT SNAPTRAP SWITCH KEY BRELOCK - TU 906Connect Snaptrap Switchdirectly to your keys or with almost anything else. Carbiner with revolutionary dual-gate clip with spring release system weighs only 8g but with 75kg break strength (laboratory tested!)USA Military-style security ga..
7.20€ Ex Tax:5.81€
Brand: TRUE UTILITY Model: TU579S
True Utility - Clipster Knife - TU579STrue Utility's Clipster features a stainless steel blade, which is also folded by a money clip.Small and sturdy pocket knifeMade of grade 420 stainless steelThanks to its clip you can either attach it to the belt or pocket or save your moneyVery sharp bladeEasy ..
20.96€ Ex Tax:16.90€
Brand: TRUE UTILITY Model: TU288
True Utility - Keychain Lens Rechargeable Led 30lm LifeLite - TU288True Utility LifeLite TU288 is a handy rechargeable minimalist pocket lens that adapts to your keys so you can have them with you wherever you are.Recharges via USB cable. It has a power of 5 to 30 Lumens and has an opening duration ..
17.69€ Ex Tax:14.27€
Brand: TRUE UTILITY Model: TU307
True Utility - Stahlite Led Battery Lens - TU307The StashLite lens is elegant & highly efficient. What differentiates it from other lenses of its size is the storage space it has on the back. You can place either a bill, pill or other small item that you always need to have with you. It has a cu..
15.07€ Ex Tax:12.15€
Brand: TRUE UTILITY Model: TU310
True Utility - Led SideLite Battery Breloc Lens - TU310It has 4 white LIGHT LEDs and is ideal as a pocket accessory.The key link at one end spins for ease of use.Each of its 4 LEDs produces brightness equal to 6 Lumens.It is waterproof and accepts 1xAAA batteries (not included) long lasting.It comes..
15.07€ Ex Tax:12.15€