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Navigate to our online store and choose a reliable ally at every stage of the manufacturing process.  Sika's specialized products offer solutions for repairing damaged concrete in infrastructure projects, restoring industrial floors with high wear resistance and abrasion, decoration and corrosion protection of facades , the finish of joints and Toichopoiwn. Sika: The company that extends the life time of your existing or new constructions, protecting them from the foundations to their roof!

Brand: SIKA Model: 82556
Sika - MonoTop®-723 Finiro / 1-SYSTTIC CHIMENDOIDES CONIMA - 825561-SYSTICAL, CHIMENDOIDS COUNTRY FOR PROTECTION OF SYRODEMAT,SETTING RESOURCES, FINISHING AND FOR WORKS OF SMALL WORKSSika MonoTop®-723 Finished is 1-component, ready for use, reinforced, modified with polymers, cement mortar for prote..
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Brand: BEISSIER Model: 888814
BEISSIER - AGUAPLAST UNIVERSAL PRO - 888814The putty for all the jobsFilling: Fillholes and gaps up to 50 mm (5 cm) easily without shrinkage, cracking or cracking.Final finish: provides a thin, smooth and less absorbent finish.No primer is required to apply the final color.Renovation: applied direct..
9.30€ Ex Tax:7.50€
Brand: BEISSIER Model: 888812
BEISSIER - AGUAPLAST SUPER REPAIR - 888812Ready-made stuffed acrylic putty with microfibers.High resistance to many different surfaces.No thickness limit.It's repainted after 24 hours.Application areas: External and internal repairs to all substratesIt repairs and molds corners or edges without the ..
6.88€ Ex Tax:5.55€
Brand: BEISSIER Model: 888811
BEISSIER - AGUAPLAST BETON REPAIR - 888811Concrete repair and waterproof repair putty.Product Waterproof and resistant to Carbonation.Permeable from water vapour and CO2.It doesn't release alkalis, it can be repainted after 48 hoursRepair and protection of concrete:For waterproof coatings.Reinforced..
20.46€ Ex Tax:16.50€
Brand: BEISSIER Model: 888810
BEISSIER - AGUAPLAST EXPRESS - 888810Latest technological generation fillput.Very high filling capacity, can be applied to a thickness of up to 50mm in a single layer.It is perfectly pasted over all different substrates, as absorbent as (plaster, drywall, cement, concrete, wood, stone...) as well as..
19.47€ Ex Tax:15.70€
Brand: BEISSIER Model: 888889
BEISSIER - AGUAPLAST SPRAY PUTTY - 888889Putty in Spray ready for use in minor repairs.Easy to useClean and fastTo repair small cracks and surface defectsWith a single layerEasy and quick repair of small cracks, cracks and holes on walls and ceilings, on any surface of plaster, cement, concrete and ..
9.30€ Ex Tax:7.50€
Brand: BEISSIER Model: 888888
BEISSIER - AGUAPLAST RENOVA JOINT - 888888Tile armour.Excellent adhesion on all surfaces.Deep white finish.Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.Resistant to water, moisture and mold...
3.82€ Ex Tax:3.08€
Brand: BEISSIER Model: 888887
BEISSIER - AGUAPLAST TOP FILL - 888887Ready stuffed putty with microfibers.Fills holes and cracks up to 10mm.It's not shrinking.Excellent adhesion in plaster, plaster, plasterboard, reinforced concrete, cellular concrete, cement, bricks, stone, old painted walls, primer wood, polystyrene etc.It is m..
4.77€ Ex Tax:3.85€
Brand: BEISSIER Model: 888886
BEISSIER - AGUAPLAST WOOD REPAIR FILLER - 888886Wood & Timber Reconstruction and Repair Filler - Wood Regeneration and Repair Putty.• Repairs and fills gaps up to 50mm in wood and timber• It is easily formed and rubbed• Dries quickly and allows its scrubbing and overcovering after only 3 hours• ..
7.56€ Ex Tax:6.10€
Brand: BEISSIER Model: 888885
BEISSIER - AGUAPLAST WOOD FILLER - 888885Flexible water soluble wood-soluble reinforced with glass fibres.It copes with up to 20% in the spreads of wood.Minimal shrinkage.It dries quickly in 2 hours. Very easy to rub.It can be repainted and varnished when dry.PROPERTIES AND ADVANTAGES  Tyre: It co..
2.17€ Ex Tax:1.75€
Brand: BEISSIER Model: 888884
BEISSIER - AGUAPLAST TOP FINISH - 888884Ready to use White Acrylic putty in paste.Smooth finish, excellent grip, easy scrubbing and grinding.Reduces the absorbency of the substrate and saves color.For indoor surfaces of plaster, plaster, cement, concrete or wood.PROPERTIES AND ADVANTAGES  Provides..
3.56€ Ex Tax:2.87€
Brand: BEISSIER Model: 888883
BEISSIER - AGUAPLAST LITE FILL - 888883AFROSTOKOS - LIGHT STOCKBeissier Lite Fill Foam (Light Stock) is the ideal solution for shrinking- without cracking and fast drying with too many applicationsFeatures:Maximum filling capacity with minimal weight.It doesn't shrink and it doesn't pop.It lends a s..
6.11€ Ex Tax:4.93€
Brand: BEISSIER Model: 888882
BEISSIER - AGUAPLAST FLEX FILL - 888882RUBBER STOK FILLING & INSULATION OF CRACKSBeissier Aguaplast Flex Fill is a rubber crack filling putty with high duration & high elasticity for cracks in concrete, masonry and other coatings & structural substratesFeatures:Excellent adhesion to maso..
6.04€ Ex Tax:4.87€
Brand: BEISSIER Model: 888881
BEISSIER - AGUAPLAST FIBRA - 888881RUBBER STOKOS FILLING CRACKSBeissier Aguaplast Fibra is a rubber crack filling putty with high duration & high elasticity for cracks in concrete, masonry and other coatings & structural substrates WITH INESFeatures:Fiberglass reinforcedIt doesn't crack.Exce..
7.50€ Ex Tax:6.05€
Brand: SIKA Model: 92355
SIKA - SikaTop Armatec 110 EpoCem - 92355Το SikaTop® Armatec®-110 EpoCem® είναι 3-συστατικών προϊόν τσιμεντοειδούς βάσης τροποποιημένο με εποξειδικές ρητίνες και αναστολείς διάβρωσης για χρήση ως γέφυρα πρόσφυσης και προστατευτικό κονίαμα κατά της διάβρωσης του οπλισμού των κατασκευών.Το SikaTop® Ar..
28.25€ Ex Tax:22.78€
Brand: SIKA Model: 542781
SIKA - SikaCor 6630 High Solid - 542781Το SikaCor-6630 High Solid είναι μία βαφή που συνδυάζει ειδικά τροποποιημένες συνθετικές ρητίνες και ενεργά συστατικά αντιδιαβρωτικής προστασίας.Το SikaCor-6630 High Solid έχει χαμηλή περιεκτικότητα σε διαλύτες, όπως απαιτείται από τη Γερμανική Ένωση Βιομηχανία..
268.78€ Ex Tax:216.76€
Brand: SIKA Model: 542782
SIKA - Sikagard 63N - 542782H Sikagard®-63 N είναι επίστρωση υψηλής προστασίας, δύο συστατικών, εποξειδικής βάσης, με πλήρη σύσταση σε στερεά.ΕΦΑΡΜΟΓΕΣΧημικά ανθεκτική προστατευτική επίστρωση για σκυρόδεμα, πέτρα, τσιμεντοειδή κονιάματα και επιχρίσματα, εποξειδικά τροποποιημένο τσιμέντο, εποξειδικής..
239.10€ Ex Tax:192.82€
Brand: SIKA Model: 465491
SIKA - SikaCor 146 DW - 465491Η SikaCor®-146 DW είναι δύο συστατικών εποξειδική επίστρωση για εφαρμογή σε χάλυβα και σκυρόδεμα. Είναι σκληρή-ελαστική, ανθεκτική σε μηχανικές καταπονήσεις και απότριψη, κρούσεις και θερμικό σοκ.Χωρίς διαλύτες σύμφωνα με την Οδηγία για προστατευτικές επιστρώσεις της Γε..