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Inspire yourself and give another dimension of aesthetics to your home or professional space. In our online store you will find odorless plastic paint of indoor space in an unlimited number of shades, with great coverage and excellent resistance to frequent washing. Whatever it is you want to paint, walls of living and kitchen, surfaces of plasterboard, plaster or concrete, areas with high hygiene requirements such as children's rooms, schools, hospitals, places where they often need painting, such as ceilings and warehouses, We're giving you the solution. In you will find white plastic color with flawless finish, water-coloured, eco-friendly anti-allergenic paint, user and the environment, and pigment syringes of multiple shades in order to correct or  Create the color that suits you. Having secured collaborations with leading companies such as Caparol, Vitex, Vivechrom, Durostick and Dulux we provide you with reliable solutions at the best prices in the market. Make us "click" and put color in your life!

Brand: 3V3 Model: 52020
3V3 - REVOLUTION PERFECTION SANITARY SEMIGLOSS WHITE / Water Color for Hygiene 1L White - 52020RENOVATION PERFECTION water colors® for Hygiene products and special protective varnish, are specially designed for the renovation of surfaces with continuous use and great stress.Thanks to the special emu..
40.92€ Ex Tax:33.00€
Brand: 3V3 Model: 51962
3V3 - REVOLUTION PERFECTION FLOOR / Water Color for Floor 750ml - 51962RENOVATION PERFECTION water colors® for EXPENDITURE and SCALES are specially designed for the renovation of surfaces with continuous use and household stress.Thanks to the special emulsions and actuators (ADDITIV system) they con..
35.22€ Ex Tax:28.40€
Brand: 3V3 Model: 51887
3V3 - REVOLUTION PERFECTION BATH / Bath Water Color 750ml - 51887RENOVATION PERFECTION water colors® bathroom are specially designed for the renovation of surfaces with continuous use and great stress.Thanks to the special emulsions and actuators (ADDITIV system) they contain, they achieve perfect, ..
24.06€ Ex Tax:19.40€
Brand: 3V3 Model: 51771
3V3 - REVOLUTION PERFECTION KITCHEN / Water Color for Kitchen 750ml - 51771RENOVATION PERFECTION water colors® kitchen are specially designed for durable surface renovation with continuous use and great strain.Thanks to the combination of specific polymers and the actuators (ADDITIV system), which t..
19.96€ Ex Tax:16.10€
Brand: TITAN Model: 88992
TITAN - Acualux Satin Water Color for Painting & Crafts 100ml - 88992Titan's Acualux is the most easy-to-use water-soluble color for painting, crafts and other decorations in multitude of shades. Its high-tech resins make it completely odorless and harmless, extremely easy to use and covert. Acu..
3.80€ Ex Tax:3.06€
Brand: TITAN Model: 88991
TITAN - Acualux Color Satin Metallic Toe - 88991Acualux Titan Metallic Shades color is a series of acrylic water colors used in numerous decorations, DIY, crafts and painting. It is water-soluble, odorless and extremely easy to implement. Creates a silky durable finish in metallic tones.Even when ap..
8.90€ Ex Tax:7.18€
Brand: VIVECHROM Model: 74906
VIVECHROM - Super Neopal / Plastic Color Top Quality in Shades - 74906SUPER NEOPAL is a top quality plastic color, distinguished for its great coverage and excellent durability in frequent washing. Its bright white and vibrant and unchanging shades offer a flawless matte finish, creating beautiful s..
3.35€ Ex Tax:2.70€
Brand: VIVECHROM Model: 74905
VIVECHROM - Super Neopal / White Plastic Color Top Quality - 74905SUPER NEOPAL is a top-notch plastic color quality, which is distinguished for its large and its exceptional strength satisfied frequent washing. Its bright white and vibrant and unaltered shades offer an impeccable matt finish, c..
3.35€ Ex Tax:2.70€
Brand: VIVECHROM Model: 22465
VIVECHROM - Neopal Kitchen & Bathroom Eco / Antimicrobial & Antifungal Eco Color for Places with Moisture - 22465NEOPAL KITCHEN & BATHROOM ECO is eco-friendly antimicrobial plastic color top Quality. It is certified for excellent antimicrobial effect. Contains special fungicide subst..
6.25€ Ex Tax:5.04€
Brand: VIVECHROM Model: 77514
VIVECHROM - Neopal Ultra Resist / Plastic Color Top Strength - 77514NEOPAL Ultra Resist is a plastic color for internal use. This very hard and extremely washable paint (Class 1, EN 13300), creates a hydrophobic membrane that converts common water-soluble stains such as soft drinks, coffee, win..
8.10€ Ex Tax:6.53€
Brand: VIVECHROM Model: 33571
VIVECHROM - Super Neopal Eco / Top Eco-Friendly Plastic Color - 33571SUPER NEOPAL ECO is an eco-friendly matte plastic color of unbeatable quality. It is certified by AFNOR and meets the criteria of the eco-friendly ecolabel does not contain ammonia or dangerous substances such as heavy metals, ..
5.45€ Ex Tax:4.40€
Brand: VIVECHROM Model: 71154
VIVECHROM - Neopal Easycare Eco / Eco-friendly Plastic Color for Easy Cleaning - 71154NEOPAL Easycare Eco is an eco-friendly plastic color that thanks to its innovative composition repels liquid stains, preventing them from entering in depth. Proven to be much more resistant to scrubbing from a ..
7.40€ Ex Tax:5.97€
Brand: VIVECHROM Model: 02243
VIVECHROM - Neopal Satine Eco / Eco-Friendly Luxury Color Satin - 02243Neopal Satine Eco is an ecological plastic color luxury with a modern velvet texture and distinguished From its wonderful uniform spread. Is certified and meets the criteria of the Agency EU EcoLabel Award Does not contain a..
7.95€ Ex Tax:6.41€
Brand: VIVECHROM Model: 33544
VIVECHROM - FIT EMULSION / Universal Plastic Color - 33544FIT EMULSION is a plastic color of general suitable for dyeing internal surfaces such as walls, ceilings, warehouses, Stairwells. It is an economic solution with for spaces that need frequent painting and freshening, such as public works..
8.55€ Ex Tax:6.90€
Brand: VIVECHROM Model: 77991
VIVECHROM - VIVE Emulsion / Plastic Indoor Color - 77991VIVE EMULSION is an internal color, suitable for painting surfaces such as walls, ceilings, stairways, warehouses. It is the a financial and reliable solution for professionals; in places where frequent painting is required and freshening,..
4.00€ Ex Tax:3.23€
Brand: VIVECHROM Model: 87061
VIVECHROM - Vive Eco / Eco-Friendly PlasticS Indoor Color - 87061VIVE ECO is an ecological plastic color internal use, suitable for dyeing surfaces such as plaster, spatular surfaces, Concrete, plasterboard. Certified by ASAOS accordance with the criteria of the Award Board The EU's Ecolabel is..
4.00€ Ex Tax:3.23€
Brand: VITEX Model: 03054
VITEX - Kitchen & Bath / Anti-much - Antifungal Plastic Color - 03054Plastic color suitable for protection from mold and fungi in places with high humidity and water vapour. It offers great coverage, high performance and exceptional whiteness.Plastic color suitable for painting interior surfaces..
5.00€ Ex Tax:4.03€
Brand: VITEX Model: 85674
VITEX - Teflon / New Generation Plastic Color with Teflon Protection Technology - 85674The new Vitex with TEFLON™ is the only new generation Plastic Matte color with TEFLON technology™ for superior durability, superior protection against stain impregnation, easy cleaning without residues and creatio..
6.30€ Ex Tax:5.08€
Brand: VITEX Model: 55652
VITEX - Fire Resistant / Plastic Fire Resistant Color - 55652White, fire resistant emulsion, suitable for the protection of walls and concrete surfaces from fire Certified by LGAI Technological Center SA Barcelona and approved by the Greek Fire Department.Vitex Fire Resistant Emulsion Paint is a wh..
42.70€ Ex Tax:34.44€
TITAN - Chalk Color TITAN Chalk Paint - TITCHALKPEco-friendly water color with chalk finish, ultra matte and odorless. Easy to use, perfectly cover the surface and create a beautiful finish. For most surfaces no primer is needed.Ideal product for restoration with shabby chic technique and decoration..
9.50€ Ex Tax:7.66€
CAPAROL - SYLITOL BIO-INNENFARBE / FINAL COLOR OF HYX GLASS FOR INTERNAL. SPACE - SYLITOLBIOINNENFARBEFinal color of high qualityfoundation for internaluse.  It protects effectively from moisture but also because of its composition it is appropriatefor peoplesusceptible to allergic reactions.Perform..
35.96€ Ex Tax:29.00€