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Protect your marbles, granites and tiles from atmospheric pollutants and stains, preserving their radiance and highlighting their aesthetics. In our E-shop you will find a wide variety of placement-welding and Marbles maintenanceproducts, such as adhesives, cleaners, specialities, water repellent and oil repellants, which create an invisible protection film, preventing the staining from oil, rust and preventing Any kind of damage caused by moisture and water. Products that are resistant to sunlight and sudden changes in temperature, shield your marble surfaces, preventing their discoloration. Make us "click" and make your old marbles look like new!
18.48€ Ex Tax:14.90€
  Waterproofs and oil repellent liquid, Silloxantha base, with high penetrating capacity (micro technology). Its protective action creates an invisible superficial film that does not peel and glide. Prevents staining from oil, wine, soft drink, ink, slag, pet pollutants, atmospheric pollutants, et..
16.00€ Ex Tax:12.90€
Nanotechnology and oil repellent product, suitable for the protection of marbles, granites and other materials with extremely low absorbency on vertical or horizontal surfaces, indoors or outdoors. The nanoparticles contained in the composition, infuse with great ease and in depth the surfaces by ma..
16.74€ Ex Tax:13.50€
Waterproofs and oil repellent liquid, Silloxantha base, with high penetrating capacity (micro technology). It creates an invisible superficial protective film, which does not peel or slip, even when wet. Prevents the creation of stains from oil, wine, soft drink, ink, pet pollutants as well as atmos..
6.36€ Ex Tax:5.13€
Self-polishing liquid, based on wax and special polymers, that offers excellent shine and protection in old or new marbles, Mat Granites and Cotto, highlighting their aesthetics. It doesn't form a superficial film. It is anti-slip, antistatic, has a pleasant aroma and becomes completely transparent ..
14.88€ Ex Tax:12.00€
Special white polymer adhesive for marble - granite coatings, reinforced with resins. It is known for its very strong adhesion, its initial and final adhesive strength. After complete hardening, it withstands moisture and frost. It does not stain white and light marbles. Classified in C2T category E..
4.59€ Ex Tax:3.70€
Powerful glass marbles and mosaic cleaner. It easily and quickly removes stubborn stains where common detergents fail, without leaving stamps.  The D-21 permanently removes stains coming from watering pots on terraces, indoors and outdoors that are lined with white or coloured marbles. Cleans pol..
26.66€ Ex Tax:21.50€
2-component Epoxy resin, solvent-less, thin-liquid, with zero shrinkage. The liquidity allows the restoration of fine cracks. It exhibits high adhesion to concrete and steel. It has high resistance to sadness, bending and acids. It is not influenced by alkalis, frost and moisture. 1kgWarning    SECU..
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