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SIKA-SikaCeram CleanGrout Grout-427157The SikaCeram® CleanGrout is a cement-based grout for joints on floors and walls, of a width between 1-8 mm. The special additives contained in its composition impart antibacterial properties and resistance to mould growth while preserving the Its color stabilit..
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SIKA - SikaCeram 241 Flex - 514747Η SikaCeram®-241 Flex είναι ενός συστατικού, υψηλής απόδοσης, τσιμεντοειδής λευκή κόλλα πλακιδίων, παραμορφώσιμη, μειωμένης ολίσθησης, εκτεταμένου διαθέσιμου χρόνου, με επιλεγμένα αδρανή, ειδικά πρόσμικτα και πολυμερή.Η SikaCeram®-241 Flex μπορεί να χρησιμοποιηθεί γ..
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SIKA-SikaCeram 203 SuperBond-500194The SikaCeram®-203 SuperBond is one component, enhanced performance, cement-based white tile adhesive, reduced slip, extended slots, with selected aggregates, special admixture and polymers.The SikaCeram®-203 SuperBond can be used for bonding in layer thickness up ..
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SIKA-SikaCeram 109 Extra-500196The SikaCeram®-109 Extra is one component, cement white tile adhesive, reduced slip, extended time available with selected aggregates, special additives and polymers.The SikaCeram®-109 Extra can be used for bonding tiles in a layer thickness of up to 10mm, in internal ..
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SIKA-SikaCeram 101 Thixo-500197The SikaCeram®-101 Thixo is one component, cement white tile adhesive, reduced slip, with selected aggregates, special additives and polymers.The SikaCeram®-101 Thixo can be used for bonding tiles in a layer thickness of up to 10mm, in internal applications, on horizon..
DuroStick Adhesive tile Acrylic and elastic Gold white 25Kg ΚPG25
-17 %
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 PROPERTIESCementitious, flexible, white tile adhesive reinforced with acrylic resins. It is distinguished for its strong adhesion, zero vertical slip, its resistance to moisture and frost. Its high thixotropy allows coatings up to 15 mm thick without being "seated", and it has a large open-end..
-17 %
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 PROPERTIESCementitious, white ceramic tile adhesive, reinforced with acrylic based resins. It has strong adhesion, is distinguished for its high initial and final adhesion ability and after its final hardening it is resistant to moisture and frost. It has a great open time for pasting. It is c..
SIKA 17kg Sikabond At80 183195
-10 %
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SIKA 17kg sikabond At-80 183195 container 10LitresNeeds 3.5 kilos a square   ..
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  Adhesive material of one component, cement base, white, reinforced with acrylic base resins, in powder form and with selected inert low absorbency in water. Its unique elastic adhesive force ensures every investment from any unsolder, derived from vibrations of rotary machines working in neighbo..
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Adhesive mortar, based on refractory cement, quartz aggregates and special additives, suitable for the building of Firebricks. It is distinguished for its high resistance to temperatures up to 1,050 °C and its strong adhesive strength. It is resistant to temperature changes created in fireplaces wit..
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Waterproofs and oil repellent liquid, Silloxantha base, with high penetrating capacity (micro technology). It creates an invisible superficial protective film, which does not peel or slip, even when wet. Prevents the creation of stains from oil, wine, soft drink, ink, pet pollutants as well as atmos..
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Cementitious, white ceramic tile adhesive, low slip. It has great adhesive strength, is resistant to moisture and quickly gains mechanical strength. Class C1 EN 12004. SPECIAL MONOCOTTURA adhesive is suitable for wall and floor tile coatings indoors. The addition of DUROSTICK Acrylic Emulsion to the..
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Acrylic, cementation, white glue of high requirements, suitable for bonding and grouting glass blocks. It has strong adhesion, high durability, "not running" and resists moisture and frost. Prevents the initial or future occurrence of capillary cracks on the surface and meets the requirements of DIN..
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  Transparent liquid impregnation, Silloxanthan base, with high penetrating capacity (micro technology). Suitable for waterproofing and protection of putties of tiles, from moisture and ice. The invisible protection offered by the DUROSTICK D-16 on the surface of the joints does not affect their c..
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 Στόκος δύο συστατικών σε 32 έτοιμες αποχρώσεις χωρίς διαλύτες, με βάση εποξειδικές ρητίνες και υπέρλεπτα πυριτικά αδρανή. Είναι ανθεκτικός σε οξέα, αλκάλια, ισχυρά καθαριστικά, στους περισσότερους οργανικούς διαλύτες καθώς και σε χλωριωμένο και θαλασσινό νερό.Παρουσιάζει άριστη εργασιμότητα..
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Coarse grained, acrylic, cementitious adhesive, reinforced with resins, suitable for high thickness layers, up to 15 mm. It has strong adhesion, high adhesive strength, resistance to moisture and zero slip. The adhesive is specially modified so that during the welding of the decorative bricks, its r..
22.32€ Ex Tax:18.00€
High performance cementitious white adhesive, reinforced with vinyl acrylic resins. It stands out for its thixotropy, elasticity, zero vertical slip and its durability even in constant humidity and frost. It allows coatings up to 20 mm thick without being "seated", and has a large open time of appli..
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