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Brand: GARDENA Model: 1892-20
GARDENA - Master Watering Programmer - 1892-20Automatic watering to save time - With the GARDENA water controller you can reliably and easily water your garden even when you are not home.You save more time for yourself and you also have a lush green garden with healthy plants.If automatic watering s..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 8141-20
GARDENA - Pulse Pin Beck Cycle Semicircle Comfort - 8141-20The Pulse Nailed Beck Cycle/Semicircle Comfort is made of durable plastic. In specially placed adjustment rings, you can easily set the field for irrigation with a choice of precision radius from 25° to 360°.The selected domain is easily see..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 12300-20
Balanced hedge trimmers, ready for anythingA well-weighed scissors equipped for every task. GARDENA NatureCut is instantly recognizable by its two wooden handles. The handles are made of 100% FSC certified wood and exude a rustic beauty that makes it stand out from other hedge trimmers. With NatureC..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 8710
GARDENA's 700 B Premium Long Handper Pruning is a professional tool for garden lovers.With a total length of 700 mm and thanks to precision grinding, the shear can cut branches in diameter up to 40 mm in diameter, thus protecting the plant.The Pruning has replaceable stainless steel blades, forged l..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 1890-36
With GARDENA's Flex Battery Programmer, watering on balconies, ceiling terraces or patios can be easily controlled automatically. The programmer is running with battery and can be connected directly to the tap. It works through an innovative external rotary element to select data and a confirmation ..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 1888-36
Power source: 1 x 9V alkaline battery (not included)Thread: For threaded taps of 26.5 mm (3/4") and 33.3 mm (1")Operating pressure: 0.5-12 barStart: Immediately or late at hourly intervals (+1 to +23 hours)Running time: 1-120 minFrequency: Every 4/8/12/24/48/72 hoursCombinations: up to 60 watering c..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 1891-36
Using GARDENA's Select Battery Programmer, watering can be programmed flexibly and according to the needs of each region.Up to three different and independent watering cycles can be created.The programmer works with battery, connects directly to the faucet and works easily using only one switch, w..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 18401-20
GARDENA - RUBBER SPIRAL SET CITY GARDENING WITH LINKS - 7.5M - 18401-20Spiral rubber with built-in connector.GARDENA's Spiral City Gardening Rubber Set is the perfect solution for simple and comfortable watering of balconies and terraces.It's 7.5 meters long. Thanks to its restore power, it returns ..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 18045-26
GARDENA - FLEX COMFORT RUBBER 13MM (5/8") - 25M - 18045-26Rubber with Power Grip, 25 m.GARDENA's Flex Comfort Rubber, with Power Grip technology, guarantees the perfect connection between rubber and fastfast.Thanks to the new rubber technology and fast-track interconnected like serrated wheels.The P..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 18253-20
GARDENA - FAST STOP PREMIUM LINK 1/2" & 5/8" - 18253-20Stop Premium connector for tire tipGARDENA's Stop Premium fastener with high-quality plastic allows you to quickly disconnect for nozzle change, simply by pulling, without having to turn off the faucet and without dripping the water.Technica..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 18304-20
GARDENA - COMFORT ECOPULSE CLEANING PISTOL - 18304-20Cleaning gun for powerful cleaning with water saving. Also suitable for watering. Frost resistant.GARDENA's Comfort ecoPulse Cleaning Pistol is ideal for both efficient cleaning and watering. It has the innovative type of ecoPulse jet launch, whic..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 814-20
GARDENA - 1.25 LT COMFORT - 814-20Ergonomic multi-purpose pressure spray ingess ing in the home and gardenGARDENA's 1.25 lt Comfort Pressure Atomizer has a filling capacity of 1.25 liters and is ideal for general use in the garden and at home. Unlike Pump Sprayers, the pressure simply needs to be cr..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 18311-20
GARDENA - SITA CLASSIC WATER PISTOL - 18311-20Convenient water pistol for pleasant watering - protected from frost.With its gentle spraying, the Sita Water Pistol is ideal for watering plants in pots and independent areas. With innovative and integrated technology to protect against frost.By freely ..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 18301
GARDENA - CLASSIC CLEANING PISTOL SET AND FAST STOP TIE - 18301Reliable nozzle for cleaning and watering - now with frost protection.Set that includes the Classic Water Pistol and the Stop 1/2" & 5/8" FastConnector.Gardena's Classic Water Pistol with water flow regulator offers everything you ne..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 18502-35
GARDENA - CLASSIC AQUAROLL S RUBBER CARING SET WITH 20M RUBBER AND CONNECTORS - 18502-35Rubber spool set for comfortable handlingThe Classic Aquaroll S Rubber Spool Set saves you space by picking up the tire. The large robust crank reliably wraps the tire.It has innovative anti-frost technology and ..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 18233-29
GARDENA - CONNECTOR FOR 2 RUBBER CONNECTOR 19 MM (3/4") - 18233-29For perfect tire repair.Using gardena's 2 Tire Connector, tires can be repaired quickly and easily without tools.The damaged part of the hose is simply cut and the Gardena 2 Tire Connector is placed on the spot.POWER GRIP: Specially d..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 18232-29
GARDENA - CONNECTOR FOR 2 RUBBER CONNECTOR S13 MM (1/2") - 15MM (5/8") - 18232-29For perfect tire repair.Using gardena's 2 Tire Connector, tires can be repaired quickly and easily without tools.The damaged part of the hose is simply cut and the Gardena 2 Tire Connector is placed on the spot.POWER GR..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 18255-20
Premium connector for rubber tipGARDENA's Premium Connector is a high-quality metal link to quickly connect the tire to your faucet.Built-in Anti-kink technology prevents the tire from slipping out and keeps it firmly in place.Technical specificationsItem code 18255-20EAN-Code: 4078500031936Features..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 18213-29
GARDENA - STOP FAST 13MM (1/2") - 15MM (5/8") - 18213-29Connection to the edge of the tire.GARDENA's Stop FastConnector is connected to the tire outlet. When a connection device is disconnected, e.g. a nozzle or pistol, it stops the water automatically. When a device is connected, the water flows fr..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 1283
Το Σύστημα ελέγχου άρδευσης Classic 4030 GARDENA προορίζεται για τον αυτόματο έλεγχο μεγαλύτερων συστημάτων άρδευσης, συνήθως αναδυόμενων συστημάτων άρδευσης, όπως το σύστημα GARDENA Sprinklersystem. Το σύστημα ελέγχου άρδευσης Classic 4030 είναι ιδανικό σε περιπτώσεις που δεν επαρκεί η ποσότητα νερ..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 18424-20
The spiral hose set with fasteners is the comfortable solution for watering plants on balconies, patios or small gardens. After use, the gasket is automatically wrapped and occupies minimal space. So you no longer need to unfold and wrap the tire.The tire is 10 meters long and is ideal for water..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 09837-20
The GARDENA lightweight ComfortCut Li-18/50 (09837-20) Battery Hedge trimmer is ideal for the formation of wire-less hedge in medium-sized bushes. The ErgoLine handle is comfortable to hold in any position and easy to handle. The optimised angle of the blades ensures efficient, fast and clean cuttin..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 18400
Tube Length: 10 mHose diameter: 11 mmGardena Warranty: 5 years warranty..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 8023
In a fraction of a second, the 25meter tire is ready to be used where you need it. With a small pull of the hose after use, this is used and rolled again. The integrated hose driver ensures uniform wrapping without twisting or cracking of the hose.The automatic wall spool GARDENA25 Roll-up converts ..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 12001
The new GARDENA Telescopic Tree and the StarCut 410 plus Lance Trimmer are the specialist for the maintenance of high trees and shrubs. It has aluminum telescopic handle, which can be adjusted from 230 to 410 cm. The GARDENA StarCut 410 Plus telescope is even more versatile during use and provides a..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 0822
The 5 L GARDENA pressure Sprayer has a 5 litre filling capacity and is ideal for taking care of plants in the garden. It is designed for Max. Pressure 3 bar and has a safety valve that directly reduces the pressure, whenever needed for safety reasons. Thanks to the level indicator you know the amoun..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 8904-20
BRANCH PRUNING UP TO 24 MM COMFORT (BYPASS) MGardena's branch pruning up to 24 mm Comfort (Bypass) M, with a non-stick coating on the upper blade and a lower blade made of stainless steel, is ideal for cutting flowers, young shoots and green woods.Ergonomic handles offer maximum comfort when cutting..
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Brand: GARDENA Model: 18305-20
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