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Lenses of amateur, daily or professional use. In our online store you will find a wide variety of hand or head lenses for freedom of movement in the hands, rechargeable waterproof led aluminium lenses, batteries, tripod lenses and headlights, for every small or long need you! Whatever it is you want to do, from a simple walk in the countryside, to the difficult repairs to dark spots during hydraulic or electrical work, we give you the solution! Ergonomic and reliable lenses with different performances and lighting functions and a wide range of designs and sizes. Click us and "illuminate" your moments!

Brand: NEBO Model: NE6555
NEBO - POPY LANTERN 300LUMEN - NE6555His body is resistant to falls and blows.It changes easily from spot light lens to a 360 degree lantern by pulling only its top.The handle is designed to easily serve both lighting functions.Lighting functions:Lantern: High (300 lumens) 7.5 hours / 15 meters - Lo..
19.90€ Ex Tax:16.05€
Brand: NEBO Model: NE6737
NEBO - Big Larry Lens 2 With Magnetic Base 500 Lumens Black - NE6737FosBeam 200 lumens, 8 hours of operation, 75 meters beamC.O.B Working Light - 500 lumens, 2.5 hours of operation, 31 meters beamRed C.O.B Work Light - 40 lumens, 20 hours of operation, 7 meters beamFully adjustableDirect-to-red attr..
19.95€ Ex Tax:16.09€
Brand: NEBO Model: NE7001
NEBO - Chapter Transcend 1000 Lumens Rechargeable - NE7001The small size and steel clip provide convenient transport and the 90o rotating head and magnetic base give you hands-free light in any direction. SWYVEL is small enough for your pocket and bright enough for any job5 LIGHT OPERATIONS• High (4..
39.90€ Ex Tax:32.18€
Brand: NEBO Model: NE0015
NEBO - OMNI 2K WORK LIGHT 2000lum AND Power Bank - NE0015The powerful, lightweight and flexible features make the NEBO OMNI 2K the ultimate working light. It has a maximum efficiency of 2,000 lumens, double C.O.B.Red light output, fixed or flashing, hazard characteristic. Panels can be rotated and h..
39.90€ Ex Tax:32.18€
Brand: NEBO Model: NE6908
NEBO - Big Poppy 4-in-1 USB Power Bank - NE6908BIG Poppy combines a 300 lumen lantern, a 120 lumen bright spot and a realistic flickering lantern. BIG Poppy is rechargeable and also serves as a power bank for charging other USB-powered devices. Flame Emulator produces a realistic flame without the h..
34.90€ Ex Tax:28.15€
Brand: NEBO Model: NE6907
NEBO - Swyvel Rotating Lens 1000lum - NE6907SWYVEL is a versatile, rechargeable lens with Smart Power Control that switches smoothly to 5 lighting modes, including 1,000 lumen Turbo Mode. The compact size and steel clip provide convenient transport and the 90o rotating head and magnetic base give yo..
39.90€ Ex Tax:32.18€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 030010
BORMANN - Lens-lamp rechargeable 400 lumens BPR5025 - 030010400 LumensBattery 2600mah Li-ion 3.7VBase with clamp and magnetUSB chargingBattery indicatorDimension 158x31x46mm180gr.Rotate 180thCOB+SMD +XG2Dimmer Mode..
25.00€ Ex Tax:20.16€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 029977
BORMANN - Lens rechargeable 600 lumens BPR6005 - 029977Cree T6 LED600 Lumens5 Lighting functions100%/50%/25%/STROBE/SOSWaterproofBattery 1x18650 Li-ionMaximum beam distance 250mSet beam focus focusUSB chargingWeight 157gr.Dimension 37x29x166mm..
25.00€ Ex Tax:20.16€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 030034
BORMANN - Lens rechargeable-waterproof 320 lumens BPR6035 - 0300341500 Lumens / 320 Lumens (2 stairs)With magnet at baseBattery 2200mah 3.7V Li-ion (18650)USB chargingMagnet and hookDimension 121x23x31mm133gr. (battery powered)GREE XPG LEDIPX4..
29.00€ Ex Tax:23.39€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 029984
BORMANN - BPR6010 DOUBLE OPERATION REFERENCE 300Lumens(XPG), 350Lumens (COB), ADIABROCHOS - 029984300 Lumens (XPG)350 Lumens (COB),Waterproof IP54Battery 1 x 18650 Li-ionUSB chargingGREE XPG+RED LED +UVLED+COB (white/red)Dimension 40x30x161mmWeight 292gr (without battery)..
29.00€ Ex Tax:23.39€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 030072
BORMANN - BPR6045 TRIPLE OPERATION FEATURE 500Lm (COB), 150Lm (TOP LED), BLUETOOTH SOUND, ADIABROCH - 030072500 Lumens/250Lumens (COB) - TOP LED 150 LumensMagnetic baseLi-Ion 2000mah BatteryUSB charging..
35.00€ Ex Tax:28.23€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 029991
BORMANN - Projector rechargeable 10 watt COB 1100 lumens PR6015 - 0299911100 LumensBattery 2x18650 Li-ion, 3.7V 6600 mAhWaterproofMaximum beam distance 42mUSB Charging1000 000 000 000 000 000.Rotating handle 180thDimension 170x170x47mmLighting adjustment 20/40/60/80/100%Charging indicatorBattery ind..
35.00€ Ex Tax:28.23€
Brand: BRENNENSTUHL Model: 022244
BORMANN - BRL8000 LED FLOOD LIGHT RECHARGEABLE 10W 800LUMENS (022244)800Lumens10W COB aluminium + TPR100% on / 50% on / flash / offLithium4400mAhUSB cable..
22.00€ Ex Tax:17.74€
Brand: BRENNENSTUHL Model: 022237
HEAD CAP RECHARGED BORMANN Home BHL5500 022237Lighting: 550LumensLamp type: LED XP-G2 large lightNumber of operating batteries: 2Battery type: Lithium ion..
19.90€ Ex Tax:16.05€
Brand: NEBO Model: NB6860
The RedlineX™ is a powerful 4x 1800 lumen (IPX7) rechargeable Flashlight with SwitchX™ technology, which uses lever buttons for easy operation and control of operation and function selection. Including TURBO and variable strobe settings.LIGHT• Turbo-1800 lumens, 45 seconds running time, 253 meters b..
59.95€ Ex Tax:48.35€
Brand: NEBO Model: NB 6859
SLIM + is a slim, ergonomic 700 lumen pocket rechargeable light with a red Laser Class 2 certified in the EU and an emergency power bank for USB-powered devices. Equipped with a complete reduction in distance and power memory recovery, SLIM + also features a detachable magnetic pocket clip, foldable..
34.59€ Ex Tax:27.90€
Brand: PETZL Model: E02 P4
Petzl Φακός κεφαλής E+Lite / 50 Lumens IPX7 Ultra-compact emergency headlamp. 50 lumensUltra-light and very compact, the e+LITE emergency headlamp should always be with you. Thanks to its carry case, it is always ready to use and can be stored with its batteries for ten years in a backpack, a v..
27.90€ Ex Tax:22.50€
Brand: PETZL Model: E99ACA
Απλή καθολική φόρτιση μέσω της θύρας USB.Ένδειξη φόρτισης της μπαταρίας (κόκκινο = φορτίζει, Πράσινο = μπαταρία φορτισμένη).Αποδίδει καλά σε χαμηλές θερμοκρασίες.Οικονομική και βιώσιμη λύση ως κύρια παροχή ηλεκτρικού ρεύματος ή back-up μπαταρία.Συμβατό με: TIKKINA, TIKKA, ZIPKA, ACTIK, ACTIK CORE, T..
27.90€ Ex Tax:22.50€
Brand: PETZL Model: E099GA00
Rechargeable, compact multi-beam headlamp with red lighting, designed for outdoor activities.450 lumens.The rechargeable ACTIK CORE headlamp offers 450 lumens of power, which, along with its multi-beam design, makes it ideal for dynamic outdoor activities like mountaineering, running, hiking and bac..
63.90€ Ex Tax:51.53€
Brand: PETZL Model: E099FA00
Φακός κεφαλής LED με απόδοση 350 Lumens και με κόκκινο φωτισμό και multi-beam.Ο νέος φακός Actik, έχει σχεδιαστεί για να καλύψει τις περισσότερες καθημερινές ανάγκες φωτισμού. Διαθέτει δύο επίπεδα φωτισμού και είναι εξοπλισμένος με τις νέες λυχνίες LED της Petzl.Συμβατός με επαναφορτιζόμενη μπαταρία..
43.90€ Ex Tax:35.40€
Brand: PETZL Model: E093GA00
Petzl Φακός Kεφαλής Zipka® / 300 Lumens IPX4 2019Simple and ultra-compact headlamp for proximity lighting and some movement. 300 lumensSimple and ultra-compact, the ZIPKA headlamp offers 300 lumen brightness and a flood beam for proximity lighting and some movement. Its self-adjusting retractable co..
32.90€ Ex Tax:26.53€