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Home appliances for every small or large need you need. Fans, lanterns, rechargeable wipes, electric grills, toasters, kettles, ovens, electric insect traps and a host of other products for the house, which will untie your hands. Keep your home clean and organized and save yourself from stress and unnecessary fatigue. Top quality household appliances at the best prices on the market. It makes your daily routine easier by pressing a click!
Brand: BORMANN Model: 027409
BORMANN - Electric trap mosquito lamp BIK2000 20W - 027409..
24.00€ Ex Tax:19.35€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 027416
BORMANN - BIK4000 40W - 027416..
33.00€ Ex Tax:26.61€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 027355
BORMANN - BFN8010 Fan Stand/Table/Wall Metal 55Watt - 027355Power 55WDiameter Ø45cm..
29.00€ Ex Tax:23.39€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 026495
BORMANN - Gas Fireplace Table Enamel 2.2kW BLG4000 - 026495..
15.00€ Ex Tax:12.10€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 026983
15.00€ Ex Tax:12.10€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 023951
BORMANN - BBQ1050 DIGITAL ELECTRIC 2000W HEAT LEVEL - 023951TableWith thermostatPower 2000W..
19.00€ Ex Tax:15.32€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 030478
BORMANN - 850W TITANIUM BHA1920 - 030478Power 850WDetachable stainless steel head.Led lightingTwo speeds.Includes 800ml container, fué, multi container, stainless cutting head...
29.00€ Ex Tax:23.39€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 030461
BORMANN - TITANIUM 100W BHA1915 Electric Stift - 030461Power 100WStainless steel shell.Detachable parts for easy cleaning.Anti-slip base...
29.00€ Ex Tax:23.39€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 026471
BORMANN - LIGHT LEVEL LEVEL 4X2.2Kw BLG6000 - 026471..
45.00€ Ex Tax:36.29€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 030454
BORMANN - TITANIUM 1000W BHA1910 juicer - 030454Powerful 1,000W motorStainless steel shell and LED Blue lighting2 speeds with pulse mode.Large diameter power pipe.1Lt juice container, 2Lt pulp container.Stainless steel blade and microfilter.Overheat protection...
49.00€ Ex Tax:39.52€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 030447
BORMANN - TITANIUM Blender 1400W BHA1905 - 030447Powerful 1,400W copper winding motor5 functions: Slicing, Stirring, Mixing, Liquefaction and Ice Scrub6 stainless steel titanium cutting blades2 speeds with pulse modeStainless steel shell and LED Blue lighting1.5Lt glass jugOverheat protection,Dual s..
49.00€ Ex Tax:39.52€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 030683
BORMANN - BVC3200 Handheld Rechargeable Liquid Solids 14.8V Li-Ion - 030683Battery 14.8V/2,200mAh Li-ionHEPA FilterCapacity 0.6LtIncludes accessories.Overload and discharge protection...
55.00€ Ex Tax:44.35€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 030584
BORMANN - TITANIUM 3700W ELITE BEP4010 - 030584Power 3700W2 fireplaces 1000W-700WOven 2000WCapacity 45Lt60min timer with notification..
75.00€ Ex Tax:60.48€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 030430
BORMANN - TITANIUM 1300W BHA1900 - 030430Powerful 1300W motorCompletely stainless steel constructionHigh strength metal gearsDetachable stainless steel bucket 5Lt6 speeds + Plus with LED indicatorHead lock and easy accessory changeTransparent detachable bucket lid with material addition openingAnti-..
99.00€ Ex Tax:79.84€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 030744
BORMANN - Dehumidifier with LED Display and Carbon Filter (R290) 10L/Day 245W BEH2700 - 030744Dehumidification 10Lt/DayPower 245W (Compressor)2.5Lt container capacityDimensions 25x25x46cmdB≤37Weight 10KgSpace Coverage up to 20m2Bormann Elite DehumidifiersLED display with Touch Slide Control PanelCoo..
125.00€ Ex Tax:100.81€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 030751
BORMANN - AFTER 20L/Day 420W ELITE BEH2800 - 030751Dehumidification 20Lt/DayPower 420W (Compressor)5.5Lt container capacityDimensions 34x21x55cmdB≤37Weight 14.7KgSpace Coverage up to 30m2Bormann Elite DehumidifiersLED display with Touch Slide Control PanelCoolant R290 complies with the new European ..
165.00€ Ex Tax:133.06€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 018834
BORMANN - CM1120 EQUIPMENTAL MACHINE (CLOSSOMECHANI) 112 AUG - 018834Power: 160WVoltage: 220V/50Hz and 12VTemperature-humidity controlAutomatic egg rotation112 hen eggs..
129.00€ Ex Tax:104.03€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 027065
BORMANN BHA2100 Water Kettle 1.7L 2200W White - 027065..
9.90€ Ex Tax:7.98€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 026341
Toaster 750W BHA1000 Bormann - 026341750wPLANES 22X12mm..
11.00€ Ex Tax:8.87€
Brand: BORMANN Model: 022367
Electric Fireplace Table top 1500W BEP1500 Bormann- 022367..
11.00€ Ex Tax:8.87€