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Indoor or outdoor safety mirrors. In our online store you will find curved mirrors of polycarbonate material (with or without cornice), in various sizes with an adjustable mount, depending on the desired mounting point, as well as vehicle control mirrors with extended handle and wheels, for the inspection of inaccessible parts of cars. Safety mirrors are used to increase traffic safety at dangerous turns or in parking entrances, where visibility is limited, as well as indoor stores to better monitor them and avoid theft of goods. Get them quickly and financially at the touch of a click!

Doorado - Plain Traffic Mirror with Red Cornice 60cm - PARK-EC-60 Doorado - Plain Traffic Mirror with Red Cornice 60cm - PARK-EC-60
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Brand: DOORADO Model: PARK-EC-60
Doorado - Plain Traffic Mirror with Red Cornice 60cm - PARK-EC-60The safety mirror with cornice is mainly installed outdoors to reduce the risks of vehicle collisions but also to avoid minor theft.Features:Suitable for outdoor and indoor use.Use to reduce hazards in places with limited visibility to..
63.66€ Ex Tax:51.34€
Brand: DOORADO Model: PARK-CM-100
DOORADO-Convex safety mirror diameter Φ100cm-KCM-100-OUTIt has a visor and includes a base for pole support suitable for outdoor or indoor use weight 8, 5kg..
177.96€ Ex Tax:143.52€
Brand: DOORADO Model: PARK-CM-80
DOORADO-Curved safety mirror diameter Φ80cm-KCM-80-OUTIncludes adjustable stand for pole support features a visor (horn) suitable for external or internal use weight 5, 9kg..
132.90€ Ex Tax:107.18€
Brand: DOORADO Model: PARK-S-1580-60
DOORADO MIRROR POLYCARBONATE-PARK-S-1580-60Safety Mirror Ø 60 cm interior features multiple adjustable mounting bracket for flat surfaces (2.7 kg) ..
75.44€ Ex Tax:60.84€
Brand: DOORADO Model: PARK-S-1580-45
DOORADO MIRROR POLYCARBONATE-PARK-S-1580-45TECHNICAL DATASafety Mirror Ø 45 cm indoorIt has multiple adjustable standSupport for flat surfaces (1.8 kg)..
64.83€ Ex Tax:52.28€
Brand: DOORADO Model: PARK-S-1580-80
DOORADO MIRROR POLYCARBONATE-PARK-CM-1580-80TECHNICAL DATASafety Mirror Ø 80 cm indoorIt has a multi-adjustable mounting bracket forFlat surfaces or tube Φ 76 mm (5.9 kg)..
132.90€ Ex Tax:107.18€
Brand: DOORADO Model: KTL-30
Mirror Φ30 cm with handle used to control the inaccessible parts of the vehicle without the need for the controller to bend over. Quick inspection of the lower part of vehicles (cars, three-wheel, trucks, tractors and vans). Suitable also for controlling the upper part of high-traffic vehicles, such..
140.52€ Ex Tax:113.32€
Brand: DOORADO Model: KTL-22